Yoga for Kids

While at the library, we stumbled onto this book, Good Morning Yoga by Mariam Gates. This book has beautiful illustrations by Sarah Jane Hinder. At the end, the book includes a full yoga exercise that flows from one pose to the next.

Yoga Helps Kids Pain

My oldest daughter complains of a sore back especially when she is having a growth spurt or playing a new sport. OrthoKids states the most common reason for back pain in children is:

Muscular strain, injury, or overuse combined with core muscle imbalance.

Yoga always makes me feel better so I helped my daughter with back stretches to alleviate the pain and strengthen her core. I found these adorable Disney Yoga Mats at Fred Meyers.

Though the book is beautiful and instructional, I wanted to find something we could follow together without turning the page so I sesrched YouTube channel. I searched for Kids Yoga for Beginners and found this wonderful storytelling yoga by Saturday Morning Yoga with Jamie. The backgrounds are beautiful computer animations that go along with the story. My favorite is the episode with Popcorn the Dolphin.

I hope to make this a part of our everyday life. Healthy Kids, Healthy Mom.

Kids Yoga Exercise Excursion


4H challenge is family yoga session. Can’t believe there are only 10 days left of the 30 day challenge. Check out the challenge calendar or on

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The Activity

I love yoga for exercise. It makes my whole body feel better. Though my favorite poses are the ones where you are laying on the ground and stretching your back. I don’t mind the work out from downward dog too. I’ve tried yoga with my 5 year old daughter and she thought it was boring. Maybe cause we were at home following some yoga cards.

My friend owns a yoga studio in Spokane that offer kids classes. It is called Homegrown Kids Yoga. Here is a video of a sample class.

The studio offers a mommy and me class for toddlers. The class includes some simple partner poses, games, music, crafts and breathing exercises! You build a stronger bond with your little yogi and having FUN! They fly like airplanes, jump like kangaroos and balance on one foot like a flamingo! The classes strengthen their muscles and build body awareness through their yoga journey.

If you ever find a yoga studio that offers a kids class near Snohomish Washington, please message me. I’d love to try it out.

Red Tricycle has a great list of Seattle yoga studio’s that offer kids classes. Check it out here.

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