Marine Biology- Whale Craft

Check out these cute whales inspired by

Image courtesy of Krokotak

While making the craft, we talked about the different mammals that live in the ocean while making the whales.

What common features do mammals have?

  • Mammals are warm blooded.
  • Birth their babies alive (except two mammals anteaters and platypus).
  • Nurse their young.

For additional fun facts about ocean animals and in particular ocean mammals, check out

Did you know? There are about 4000 different species of ocean mammals.

The kids start the project drawing wavy lines on the base paper to represent currents or waves.

Then they cut out the whale from a template, which is available at The kids curl the tail up and fold in the cheeks over the mouth and viola a whale is born.

This is a great exercise in cutting with precision but easy to fix if a tail rips off like mine did. Tape to the recuse.

Thanks to for a great craft.

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