Animal Interactions

Looking for something fun to do during spring break. I recommend the Outback Kangaroo Farm located in Arlington, Washington. They have tours at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm from Thursday to Sunday. Be sure to show up 20 minutes before the tour because you aren’t allowed to see the kangaroos otherwise. The tours always start on time in my experience.

Outback Kangaroo Farm

Beautiful peacocks welcomed us in the parking lot. I haven’t seen peacocks with such prefect tail feathers before.

The first half of the tour, we visited the different kangaroos on the property. It appeared to be 3-5 different types of kangaroos available to pet. The kangaroo are so soft.

There were an set of albino kangaroos. Mother Nature Network has an awesome article on 22 different albino animals. They are so rare. Check out the article here for the full list of animals.

The second half hour we visited and fed the other animals which included alpacas, donkeys, goats, emus and lemurs. I think my husband was about to adopt a lemur. They are so friendly and active.

Did you know? Lemurs are lead by an alpha female. Sorry King Julian.

My toddler laughed every time an animal ate out of her hand. She loved it and kept demanding more animal food. So sweet.

Their address is:

10030 State Route 530 NE

Arlington, WA 98223

United States

Putting Down The Golf Green

My daughters and my dad went to the mini putt putt golf course today. Beautiful outside and beautiful course at Snohomish Valley Golf Center. Win win. Here we are at hole 9 overlooking the pond.

Adding at Every Tee

This 18 hole mini golf course has a bridge, two ponds with a waterfall and vista of the Cascade Mountain Range. It is super busy on the weekend but they have extended hours with their new overhead lights. Also, there is a wonderful covered picnic area. Prefect for birthday parties or your next picnic outing.

Thanks to grandpa for helping the toddler with her form. She had a lot of fun. Whether she putted, threw or pushed the ball into the hole.

My favorite hole is number 5 where you can literally putt your ball into the pond if you aren’t careful since there isn’t a rail between the edge of the green and the pond. Luckily we didn’t take a swim today but very inventive for a mini golf course.

Both the kiddos helped move our balls into the holes. I think we all were under par on each hole but it doesn’t really matter since my oldest was in charge of the scorecard and beat us by at least 10 putts. I came in second so I can’t really complain. Lol.

This week I’ve been making a point to ask…

What their favorite moment of the day was? My daughters loved playing golf today.

Another good day! Happy Thursday!

Free Event at the Local Libray

Day 2 of spring break was full of fun. We started at the pool for preschool splash time. Then went across the street to the library to build blocks while we wait for the special event presented by Sno Isle Library.

Museum of Curious Things

The Museum of Curious Things was visiting the library. It is a travel museum in a cool Airstream travel trailer. With a quick look inside, I knew It wasn’t for my kiddos. There were animal skeletons inside. I’m sure it was educational but I’m not ready for my kids to grow up that quickly. I know I’m being selfish so I googled what is an appropriate age to discuss death with my kids? It sounds like talking about death is good for kids based on Psychology Today‘s research.

Also, Lesson Learnt Journal has a lesson plan to teach preschoolers about skeletons and their functions. Now, I kind of feel bad we didn’t check it out… Next time.

Inside the library’s conference room, there was a display of the different animals in resin. Each animal had a different fun fact.

Did you know? Starfish have no brain and no blood.

To end the day, my daughters picked two different bug embossed prints for their crayon rubbing. Crayon rubbings is a great gross motor exercise in holding the paper still so the crayon can reveal the bug below. I helped hold my toddler’s paper still so we could recognize the ant print. I didn’t do the best job. I need to work on my gross motor skills. Also, remind the kiddos to use the side of the crayon instead of the top otherwise the picture isn’t as clear.

What do you think? Do you think talking to preschooler and/or show them skeletons is too early? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Star Activities

Today, my family and I took down the remainder of the Christmas decorations at our house and it made me feel a little sad that the holiday season was over but I reminded myself of the fun we will get to explore this year with interesting kids activities and excursions.

As a way to symbolize looking to the future, my daughter and I took a look at one of her Christmas gifts. Scientific Explorer’s My First Science and Space Kit available on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

My daughter was so excited to build her own constellation and have the starry night glowing in her room. This kits includes:

  • 2 constellations discs
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • solar system poster
  • star film set
  • solar system film set
  • space projector
  • Plus 9-page activity guide to follow

During the summer, my friends and family get together to participate in some fun crafts and activities with the kids. Lately, I’ve been thinking one week we should study space and dedicate one day to each of the following topics; sun, moon, star constellations and solar system. Based on my research for fun crafts and activities, I came across an article with these type of activities: 50+ Awesome Space Activities for Kids by Gift of Curiosity. The article break the activities down into different parts of space which is exactly what I was looking for. Yeah!

Some solar systems activities include:

Puffy paint solar system that you can stick onto your windows from School Time Snippets

Some moon activities include:

Some sun activities include:

Some constellation activities include:

Hope you found a fun space activity for your kiddos. This summer I’ll show you the activities we decided to explore. Happy January!

Build a campfire


During a family reunion this summer, we had a wonderful teacher (my cousin, Hunter) show my family how to build two different types of camp fires, which is today’s 4h challenge. I’m kicking myself right now because I do not have a picture of either of them. But I didn’t know I would be writing about campfires today.

For those of you who have just joined me, today is Day 26 of the 30 day challenge 4H is doing to “inspire kids to do.” There is a $10,000 grand prize of a scholarship for the kid who is inspired to do. Check out the whole challenge at

The Activity

Well, another time of year we always build a campfire is the 4th of July. Below is a picture of daddy and grandpa building a fire.

Most of our fires gather friends and family to cook marshmallows aka s’mores. My daughters style of s’more is chocolate marshmallow chocolate. No graham cracker for my daughter.

To build a good fire, you need three kinds of wood.

Tinder are small twigs, dry leaves, needles or forest duff to start the fire.

Kindling are small sticks to get the fire going.

Firewood is the larger pieces of wood you put on top to keep the fire going.

Option 1: teepee campfire

WikiHow has a great step by step instructions to build a teepee style campfire.

Option 2: pyramid campfire

Pyramid campfire is built like a jenga game. WildernessArena has a great step by step instructions. Check it out here.

Forest Ranger – Nature Club


Day 5 of the 4H challenge is create a nature club and explore your neighborhood and backyards. Check out the full list of activities in my earlier post as well as go to for more information about the opportunity to win a scholarship of $10,000. Check it out here.

The Activity

We explored our local neighborhood park in Snohomish County of Washington State for wild life, like rabbits. During our weekly trip to play on the playground this summer, we frequently saw rabbits roaming the yards.

On our walk, we saw a rabbit in our neighborhoods yard. Let’s play ‘where’s the rabbit’ (instead of Waldo). Can you see him in the shade of that tree? Well if we were a little quieter; we may have a better picture but sorry I have two loud daughters that scared the rabbit away.

My oldest tried to follow it down the trail but no luck.

Did you know? Rabbits can run as fast as 45 mph. Bye-bye bunny.

A baby rabbit visited our backyard to eat strawberries. My daughter quickly named it Strawberry. I believe Strawberry is a snowshoe hare. I have to apologize for the picture quality but fun to see the rabbit in my yard when sitting inside your home. If anyone has a better idea of this rabbit specie, please let me know.

Did you know? There are over 87 species of rabbits worldwide and 30% of them are endangered. Check out more fun facts about rabbits at

So what did today’s activity inspire? Well my daughter definitely wants to care for a rabbit now. She can ‘care’ for Strawberry or other wildlife in our neighborhood. Ways to care for wildlife:

  • Drive carefully
  • Plant brush and trees that are edible.

What do you think?

Agriculture – At Bailey’s Farm

Day 3 is the 4H challenge is visiting a farm to harvest vegetables or see the animals.


For those of you just joining us. 4H has a 30 day challenge to ‘inspire kids to do’ for the month of September. Those who participate and share their experience with have the opportunity to win a scholarship of $10,000. Check it out here.

You may be thinking her daughter is only 5 years old. Yeah I agree but it is never too early to try. Plus I love these type of challenges. Feeling the nudge to do some educational activities with my kiddos. It motivates me to be a better mom. That is a win in my book. Hopefully my kid’s too.

The Activity

Near our home is the Snohomish Valley with lots of farmland. We visit many u-pick farms during the summer from strawberries to blueberries to vegetables, like corn and potatoes. It is great experience because going to the farm can potential cost you nothing. However, we never walk away without no bucket of veggies or berries.

Bailey’s Farm is my go to u-pick this summer. It is located in Snohomish and offers lots of vegetables and fruit options. Strawberries in June, raspberries in July, vegetables in August and corn in September. Oh and of course pumpkins in October.

Here we are harvesting potatoes from the ground. Fun activity to get your hands dirty.

Did you know? Potatoes are part of the nightshade family which people did not eat before the 1800s. People thought they were toxic. Now, millions of people eat potatoes everyday at McDonalds. Funny how things change due to what you know.

Everyone has their buckets ready to get the potatoes. There are red and white varieties to choose from.

The u-pick is open from 8am-6pm daily. Check out their website to see what is available for harvest now.

Once you dig up the potato plant, you just pick the potatoes from the root. Bailey’s had a washing station. I recommend washing everything and removing unwanted leaving because you pay pre pound. They are a better price than the store but not by much due to grocery stores’ sales. I will say though picking the food fresh makes to last much longer than going to the store. I’ve been storing them in a dark cool place for a couple weeks and still good.

We noticed that the white potatoes had white flowers and red potatoes had red-purplish flowers. Interesting.

Mathematics- Puzzle and Pegs

We are a member of Amazon STEM club.

PlayMonster Lauri Number Puzzle Boards & Pegs

We are members of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) club at Amazon. I recommend to all my friends looking for a monthly subscription to a educational stem program to join this one. They do a great job of sending an assortment of subjects and wonderfully priced.

For our June project, we received a mathematics toy, PlayMonster Lauri Number Puzzle Boards & Pegs. My 1 almost 2 year old loved assembling the puzzles and staking he pegs. She would play with it for hours.

However, my oldest (5 year old) assembled it quickly (maybe 20 minutes) then move on. You can’t see her in the photos below but she is the reason the pegs are matching on each tile and a rainbow pattern.

Butterfly Excursion

Our local zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, just opened a Butterfly garden for the summer. It is beautiful to see all the different types of butterflies. Their colors are so vibrant.

The butterflies are at all levels. Beware where you walk cause we will find some of them on the ground which is just the right height of a toddler.

The zoo offers a butterfly guide that my 5 year old daughter loved to match the card to the butterfly.

Did you know?

  • • Butterflies are insects.
  • • A butterfly’s lifecycle is made up of four parts, egg, larva (caterpillars), pupa (chrysalis) and adult.
  • We just observed the last stage of the butterfly’s life cycle, adult, at the zoo but check out when we raised caterpillars at home. Click here.

    For more info, check out the zoo website.

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