Engineering- Egg Drop


4H’s daily challenge is accept and conquer an egg drop challenge by designing and creating a container that will prevent your egg from cracking when dropped from let’s say the second story of your house. To check out future and past challenges look at my earlier post, 4H 30 day challenge, or go to to learn about the chance to receive a $10,000 scholarship.

The Activity

Egg drop is a great activity that promotes creative thinking and problem solving. We used K’NEX to create a vessel to protect our egg. K’NEX are a great engineering educational toy. They come to tons of different kits so kids can build cars to trains to planes. Oh my.

My daughter created this rectangle container with support braces on each side then I helped her attach the egg inside with a twist tie and egg carton holder.

The Result

A broken egg. Sorry to say it didn’t serve the fall from the second story but it was great fun trying.

Engineering – Building Shapes

For our August STEM project from Amazon, we received Magna-Qubix 29-Piece Set. This toy is “the Original, Award-Winning Magnetic 3D Building Shapes.”

My 5 year old loved it’s creativity aspect and I love it’s educational aspect. Learning the difference between a pyramid and triangle. Or cube and square. The 3D shapes really help my kids understand the difference between 2D and 3D.

My 1 year old was ready to take them apart to get the small magnetic balls inside them. She was unsuccessful thanks to the quality of this toy. Yeah!! She got bored of them or maybe sister wasn’t sharing very well. Either way she moved on.

Needless to say, my oldest was excited she got to use them all to make this magnificent castle. At least I think it is a castle. Maybe robot?!? Either way she was exercising her creativity making me happy!

Sometimes my kids need a jumpstart on their creativity.

What can you do with this toy?

So I made some exercise for you and your kiddos to do to get the juices flowing. Enjoy!

Here are some other puzzles to assemble:

Fish Activity 2 – Foam Clay

Day Fish; today we explore what makes a fish unique and similar to the other animals in the Animal Kingdom.

Fish are classified as gill-bearing aquatic creatures that lack limbs and digits. They include but not limited sharks, lionfish, tuna and stingrays.

We explore the different types of fins and tentacles animals in the fish classes have through the foam clay craft.

During the school year, my daughter brought home her scholastic catalog for the book fair to help support the teachers getting new books in their classrooms. So I was happy to help. I stumbled upon this fun and easy foam clay kit. My Clay Critters. I was pleasantly surprised. The step by step instruction are easy for a kid under the age of 5 to follow and understand. (Beware of the googlie eyes. They are prefect swallowing size for a 1 year old.)

It is reasonably priced and makes 10 different little sea creatures.

After the critter is done, set it out to dry and in 24 hours it is hard and fun new toy to play with.

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