Raising Butterflies – Book Reviews


Day 6 of the 30 day 4H challenge is raising butterflies. Check out the whole challenge in my earlier post or at 4H.org.

The Activity

We had the wonderful opportunity to raise butterflies earlier this year. Watching the process of metamorphosis is amazing. Today we won’t be raising butterflies again just reviewing our experience through pictures and books.

A couple of great books:

    Caterpillar to Butterfly by Laura Marsh at National Geographic Kids
  • This is a great book for beginner readers. It has great pictures of each stage of the butterflies life cycle.
    • Explore My World; Butterflies by Marfe Ferguson Delano with National Geographic Kids
  • As most National Geographic Kids books go, they have beautiful pictures. This books goes into detail about butterfly’s food among other things.
    • Butterfly Book by Michael Berestain
  • This book has beautiful drawing of each stage of the metamorphosis stages. I like the description of different species of butterflies.
  • Real Live Butterfly Activities

    Butterflies are so beautiful and watching their life cycle is amazing making it a great activities for little kids. We received this amazing kit from Insect Lore on Amazon.com.

    Did you know? Butterflies have four life cycles. Egg, Larva (caterpillar), Pupa (chrysalis) and adult.

    With this kit, your kid and you get to watch three of the life cycles.

    Photo courtesy of Insect Lore

    We had 5 tiny caterpillars arrive in the mail and the best part they are totally self sufficient. Their food is already in the cup. Just sit back and watch them grow.

    Photo courtesy of Insect Lore

    Within two weeks they began their transformation process. The easiest pet I’ve ever had.

    I recommend watching this video that goes into detail about hatching butterflies. I wish I watched the video before the butterflies hatch.

    Some of the Chrysalis drop to the bottom of the jar. The video shows you how to move the chrysalis to the enclosure safely.

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