Ceramic Easter Eggs as Kids Craft

As an Easter tradition, we go to the ceramic painting studio and each kiddo paints their Easter egg to add to our collection on the dining room table. I love reminiscing about their techniques and color choices. As a baby, my kiddos did handprints on the eggs.

Color Me Mine

What an interesting name? I love them because the paint is non toxic and washes off clothes. Every Tuesday is 2 for 1 studio fee or Wednesday is 1/2 price studio fee for kids.

This year my oldest daughter is interested in having everything Easter color theme. If you can see her fingernails in the picture, they are a rainbow of bright pastel colors inspired by Easter and her egg matches.

My youngest daughter chose banana yellow, charcoal and pink. Very interesting but I think it will be beautiful. Great color combo for a sitting or living room.

Did you know? If you read in a yellow room, you hold your focus and absorb more of the book. Interested in the other colors, learn more at Kaplanco.com.

Sorry off topic… we can pick them up after Friday at 6pm. So excited to see their cute creations. Happy Wednesday!!

Paint a Pony

Yesterday, my daughter had a play date and when they started to get bored of running around the house I broke out this cute My Little Pony 3 piece painting kit. Peace and calm finally settle across the house.

My Little Pony Craft

I love this set because my 2 daughters and a friend were all able to paint their own plaster figure. Surprising no one wanted the same figurine. My oldest daughter loves Twilight Sparkle while my youngest daughter loves Pinkie Pie and happily our guest wanted Fluttershy. What luck.

My oldest didn’t want me to take a picture until her Twilight Sparkle was completed but her need for perfection caused her not to finish by the time for the play date to end. She will have to finish painting tomorrow. Nice 2 day activity for the price of one.

My toddler decided Pinkie Pie should now be navy blue. Now I wish more ponies on the show were a dark color like Princess Luna. It was perfect for her.

The kit includes 6 paints, a brush and 3 pony plaster figurines. Here is a link to a similar set available on Amazon called Paint Your Statue. Hope you have something like this in your house to add peace and quiet time.

Girl Scout Thank You Postcards

Girl Scout cookie sales are almost done. One more day. As we come to a close, I want my daughter to send her customers a thank you note so they know how appreciative we are for their support. We made postcards from the empty cookie boxes that are littering our house.

Postcard Craft

So a postcard can be cut from every cookie box except Toffee-tastic. That box is too small. Since we already have the boxes to make the postcards, we just have to pay for postcard postage which is cheaper than regular mail at 35 cents. For more info, check out usps.com.

Postcard size:

Min: 5” x 3.5”

Max: 6” x 4.25”

If you don’t have cookie boxes, here is a link to a free Girl Scouts printable thank note.

This could be a great project for the Clover or Gloria Badge. Happy last day of cookie sales!!

Kite Craft for Toddlers

Today, my toddler and I were in charge of the play group at our church. It is a great way to meet other moms and for the toddlers to run off some energy. My toddler took a nap afterwards which is rare these days.

Kite Craft

As part of the play date, we supply a craft for the toddlers. This time they made kites with paper, string and ink bingo dobbers.

I precut a 8×11″ paper into a kite shape. Then let the kiddos dab the ink wherever their heart desired.

Sometimes the toddlers splattered the ink but it was pretty cute. My daughter only used pink, purple and blue. I love seeing her personality show through her choices. Once she was done adding color, I hole punched the two sides and tied a string. With her completed kite, she ran around the room holding onto its string to let the kite fly.


  • Medium weight paper
  • Ink bingo dobbers
  • String or yarn
  • Hole punch

Paper Bag Puppet

On Thursday last week, my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop invited a firefighter to visit. He gave an awesome presentation about fire and car seat safety plus ran them through some drills. Words can’t describe what an awesome job he did. Thank You Everett Fire Department!!

Firefighters Craft

After he left, I planned a craft for the kids to make out of a paper lunch bag. Each girl got to create a puppet firefighter to take home with them. I hoped this would spark a conversation about what the firefighter spoke to them about but they were so excited I’m not sure I needed to do a craft too.

Anyways, the project is pretty easy. I precut the basic shapes for each girl so they just needed to make a couple cuts and glue the pieces of paper onto the bag. I made a board with step by step instructions. Here are the steps:

    Add hands and arms
    Add white shirt
    Add outfit
    Add hat
    Add boots
    Add details (so they can personalize them)

At the end of the meeting, the girls got to take home their cute little puppets and knowledge of fire safety. It was a great meeting. Hope they don’t ever have to apply their knowledge but happy the girls now know what to do.

Bead Heart

This week at my MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers) meeting, the kiddos made little heart ornaments from beads and pipe cleaners.

MOPS Activity for Kids

Twice a month, my MOPS group meets to discuss current topics and upcoming challenges of being a mother. I have learned so much from the guest speakers. Thus I’m a huge fan of MOPS.

When I had a toddler and going through a rough time trying to conceive my second, the other moms in the group were there to hold my hand and listen to my pain. I am so thankful to be apart of this group of women. I pray that every mom has something like this in their life and if they don’t I’d be happy to introduce you to MOPS in your area.

Anyways, while us mommies are learning about some new mommy skills, our kiddos are learning about Jesus and his love in the church’s childcare.

This is a great craft for preschoolers. During the MOPS meeting, the kids made this bead heart to symbolize Jesus’s love for them. The instructors began the meeting by reading a short story about ‘Children of Jesus’ from My Favorite Bible.

Similar to the snowflake ornament from last week, you can make this more challenging by having them follow a sequence to practice their coding skills. When they are done, the kids will have a cute heart to share with friends. Happy Hearts Day!


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads

Bead Snowflake Ornament

While on vacation, my family took advantage of their winter activities which included this cute snowflake ornament made of pipe cleaners and beads.

Snowflake for Kids

To start this easy craft, take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle then separate the end out to look like a 6 point snowflake. I had to twist it together for the kids before they added the beads to each end. This is a great eye hand coordination activity for the kiddos. My toddler was very focused on adding the beads.

When you get close to the end, you will want to hot glue or super glue the last bead on the end so the beads don’t fall off. On one end, tie a ribbon so you can hang it on the tree.

Viola the snowflake is completed. It is an easy and fun activity for all ages. For a complete diy video, check out Crouton Crafts’s YouTube channel here.

For older kids, I recommend making it more challenging by following a pattern to transform this activity into a coding exercise.

Dream Catcher Craft and History

Dreamcatchers originally created by the Native Americans but to be more specific dream catchers are believed to be from the Ojibwa Chippewa and Lakota tribe who lived mainly in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Ontario. The Ojibwe word for dreamcatcher is asabikeshiinh which actually means “spider,” which I think is prefect since dream catchers look like a spiderweb.

Dream Catcher History

According to the Ojibwa history, the “Spider Woman” is the spiritual protector of the tribe, especially for children, kids and babies. As the Ojibwe people migrated out across the land, this spirit wasn’t able to protect and watch over all the members of the tribe because of their distance. This is why the first dreamcatcher was created. Traditionally, mothers and grandmothers would create the maternal keepsake as a means of mystically protecting their children and families no matter where they lived (Source: Legomenon.)

Dreamcatchers were originally made from leather and wood, but today we made one from metal and beads. Once the metal ring was complete with beads, tape the ring closed then tie the string to the ring and wrap it back and forth. Make sure the string is tight. The kiddos can wrap it as many times as they want then tie it off with a long tail to make into a loop. This way you have a way to hang it on a hook.

Last the kids add decorations like ribbon and snowflakes gems. Cut a couple ribbons and attach them to the bottom of the dream catcher. Then hot glue the gems like snowflakes.


  • Metal rings about 6-8″ diameter
  • 60-80 beads available at Dollar Tree
  • Colorful string (my girls prefer rainbow colors)
  • Gem snowflake or similar
  • Ribbon

One Dollar Canvas Painting

So I love the dollar store for craft ideas, party supplies and season decorations. The Dollar Tree is my favorite dollar dealer. They have a great idea section on their website and will ship to you when you buy in bulk. Great for a Girl Scouts craft or MOPS activity.

Valentines Alien

I love painting though I’m not very good at it. I don’t have the patience to be a good painter. Layering the pigment and letting it dry to add depth wasn’t my strong suit in school.

Painting is peaceful and I encourage my daughters to paint to bring peace in the house. They sat at the counter so quietly and focused on their little alien. I was so impressed by the toddler’s focus. Using every color on the brush at the same time. There was a lot of shades of pink and red on her canvas.

My kindergarten didn’t understand her little sister’s technique but I reassured her that everyone has their own way of doing things. Now that she is in elementary school, she knows “you color in the lines” and “don’t make the whole painting one color” (Her words). Both paintings are prefect depictions of their personalities that is why I love them so much. As ancient philosophers once said:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I have to thank my mom for this valentines gift. This cute kit could double as a card. Or the kiddos could give it away as a card when they completed the painting.

Also, I just saw the kit is available for Easter. It is a prefect addition to their bunny baskets. Dollar Tree, here I come.

Do you think Easter is in the store yet?

This adorable little kit includes:

  • Mini easel
  • 4 paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas (4 different picture outlines are available)

Compli-Mat Activity

If you are looking for a fun and bonding experience with your family for Valentine’s Day, I recommend trying compli-mats at the dinner table.

Kindness and Writing Exercise for Kids

Do you know about Love Language? The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a self help book about how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate from 1995. Understanding your spouse’s as well as your love language is important but knowing your kids’ language is important too.

The five love languages are:

  1. Touch (hugging and snuggling)
  2. Quality Time
  3. Compliments
  4. Receiving and Giving Gifts
  5. Acts of Service

My love language is compliments while my daughters’ are quality time and compliments.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, looking for activities to fill our love banks is my goal. I stumbled onto the kindness activity that fills my compliments love language as well as my kids.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I love this exercise because it teaches my kiddo about kind words. We started by making a list of kind words to help her understand the difference between saying something nice verses mean. Here is the list that we came up with:

  • Loyal
  • Strong
  • Nice
  • Giving
  • Kind
  • Funny
  • Fancy
  • Honest
  • Brave
  • Friendly

This activity takes little prep. All you need is some paper and pens. I found this great free printable available at Teacher Pay Teacher. You will need to sign up for a free account to download the mat.

Once we had all the supplies and kind words list displayed in front of us, we passed the paper around the table. My daughter could copy the words in front of her. She wrote that I (and pretty much everyone) was friendly.

At the end, my daughter loved reading the kind things everyone said about her. Can you guess what her love language is?

Headband Craft

Today was a pretty chill day at our house. Ran a couple of errands followed by hanging out at the house. Im always surprised by how fast the little kiddos get bored within minutes of walking in the door. Having a few quick and easy kits get the creative juices flowing.

Melissa and Doug Craft

My daughter received this gift to make her own headbands. I’m happy the kit included two so each girl could make one. My youngest loves stickers and this is a wonderful project to develop concentration and focus.

Melissa & Doug has a great 3 pack of Design-Your-Own Jewelry-Making Kits that includes Bangles, Headbands, and Bracelets available on Amazon.

This headband kit is unique because your kiddos decorate a flat glittery strip of plastic with stickers before threading the strip onto a headband. It takes some coordination and strength to press the headband through the sandwich strips. These headbands quickly became crowns for our two princesses.

Each of my daughters would give this project a two thumbs up and it takes about 20 minutes to complete. This is a great project for a road trip or plane ride because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus when the headbands are completed, the kids can wear them while the packaging is thrown away. One less thing to pack back into the stowaways.

Wherever your trip is this year, hope you have a happy and safe trip.

Star Activities

Today, my family and I took down the remainder of the Christmas decorations at our house and it made me feel a little sad that the holiday season was over but I reminded myself of the fun we will get to explore this year with interesting kids activities and excursions.

As a way to symbolize looking to the future, my daughter and I took a look at one of her Christmas gifts. Scientific Explorer’s My First Science and Space Kit available on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

My daughter was so excited to build her own constellation and have the starry night glowing in her room. This kits includes:

  • 2 constellations discs
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • solar system poster
  • star film set
  • solar system film set
  • space projector
  • Plus 9-page activity guide to follow

During the summer, my friends and family get together to participate in some fun crafts and activities with the kids. Lately, I’ve been thinking one week we should study space and dedicate one day to each of the following topics; sun, moon, star constellations and solar system. Based on my research for fun crafts and activities, I came across an article with these type of activities: 50+ Awesome Space Activities for Kids by Gift of Curiosity. The article break the activities down into different parts of space which is exactly what I was looking for. Yeah!

Some solar systems activities include:

Puffy paint solar system that you can stick onto your windows from School Time Snippets

Some moon activities include:

Some sun activities include:

Some constellation activities include:

Hope you found a fun space activity for your kiddos. This summer I’ll show you the activities we decided to explore. Happy January!

Snowflake Craft

Looking for a cheap but beautiful craft for your kiddos. These snowflakes ornaments are perfect for kids of all ages.

I saw this picture online and it makes the popsicle stick ornament look so elegant.

This project began when I was on Facebook and saw my friend’s son made this popsicle snowflake ornament for his Christmas tree. I showed my daughter and she wanted to make them for our tree too.

I’m lucky all the supplies can be found at the dollar store.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Paint and brush
  • Mod podge
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Festive stickers

For toddlers, I recommend pre-gluing the popsicle sticks together to avoid a big mess. But painting can be messy too. Good luck either way. We used acrylic paint because it is permanent. Though washable paint would work fine (just beware the paint can run if it gets wet).


  1. Glue 2 popsicle sticks into a plus (+).
  2. Repeat step 1 so you have 2 pluses (+).
  3. Glue the 2 pluses (+) together. Let dry.
  4. Paint the popsicle sticks. Front and back. Let it dry in between.
  5. Once dry, add MOG PODGE then sprinkle the glitter.
  6. My daughter finished the ornament with adding a couple festive stickers.
  7. Add a ribbon loop to one end with hot glue.

Here is the the finished craft. I’m so proud of my daughter!! She loves the color blue and made it just her style. Happy holidays!

Cookie Exchange

Yummy treats during this festive season should be a part of everyone’s family traditions. We have a tradition of making sugar cookies. A Jenny Cookie recipe; check out her blog and book here. I went to one of her cookie decorating classes almost 10 years ago. These cookies are so delicious and wonderful that my daughter requests them by name. I realized this year that Jenny Cookies are a part of her Christmas traditions.

Besides a small batch of sugar cookies for my daughter, we made stampede brownies and Christmas tree brownies. Check out our earlier post about stampede brownie recipes.

Christmas tree brownies are very decorative and easy to make. They off set the extra work to make the stampede brownies. Betty Crocker has a great recipe for Christmas tree brownies.

Here is an idea of the assortment of cookies from our cookie exchange. I’m so grateful for everyone who participated. Everything from sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, molasses, spritz, snowballs and peanut butter blossom cookies.

Gingerbread Houses at Central Market: Update

Yesterday we went to Central Market in Mill Creek Town Center to experience their gingerbread decorating event. The staff was wonderful and spirited. After purchasing a $14 (plus tax) Wilton gingerbread house kit, we went outside to their covered patio. It was cold so we dressed warmly.

Pictured below, is the undecorated house. My mother in law asked how it compares to the Costco gingerbread house and I refer to the Wilton’s house as a 1 story house and Costco’s house is a 2 story house.

The Wilton’s kit includes:

  • Frosting
  • Piping bag and tip
  • Peppermint sticks
  • Rainbow hard candy
  • Gum drops

After purchasing the gingerbread kit, central Market gave us many other decorating supplies like:

  • rainbow cereal
  • candy canes
  • gummy bunnies and penguins
  • Gummy worms
  • Gum drops
  • Hersey kisses
  • Gummy snowflakes
  • Frosting in a piping bag

Decorating with the frosting piping bag was great practice for fine muscle motor control. After a while, my daughter was tired of pushing the frosting so I used my muscles.

Both the girls had a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone looking for a fun activity at home or at the store’s event. Happy decorating!!

Make A Plate

Another family tradition that we do every year is paint a plate with hand or foot prints for Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve. We go to a ceramic painting store, Color Me Mine in the Mill Creek Town Center. While there, I prep the plate by painting the background then the girls paint their hands red and press it down onto the plate. If you mess up, just wash it off then dry it and repaint. The paint is nontoxic so it is a great activity for all ages.

After their handprints are in the right place, then they add their white fingerprints as snowflakes. Lastly, I finish off the plate with the details on the handprints to make them look like birds and add the tree branch, names and date so I can remember what year we did this plate. It is a wonderful keepsake.

On Tuesdays and Sundays, Color Me Mine has great deals. Check out their website for special events. December 19th is the last day to make something to get it back for Christmas. Each project needs to go through the firing progress before it is ready to take home.

While I prep the plate, my husband helps the girls paint ornaments. The store has a lot of different ornament options. However, my youngest daughter wants to be just like her big sister so they both picked out snowflakes. At least they picked their favorite colors so the snowflakes are a little different.

Hope you get to try this activity sometime. Happy holidays.

Holiday Ornament Craft

Hope you had a great Saturday! We were busy decorating our house for Christmas. Our Christmas tree theme this year is birds so my kids and I built some birdhouses for these beautiful bird ornaments to live in.

We got bird houses from your local dollar store, Dollartree. Check them out here. I hot glued the birdhouses while my kids handed me the pieces and then we painted them white so the birds really pop against the houses.

We have an assortment of birds handed down from my husband’s grandparents. We have these very old red birds. I like these bird ornaments because they are durable and are not glass. Happy decorating!!

Watercolor Cookie

The cookie watercolor painting is a great evening activity for kids. It is entertaining and easy plus you get a treat at the end. What could be better.

It took me a while to find a tutorial on how to create this ‘paint– cookie’ but YouTube did not let me down. Montreal Confections has a great step by step video of how to make a cookie like this.

But if you are looking for completed cookies to enjoy for a birthday party or gathering, Cookies by April sells these cute and artistic desserts.

Each cookie comes with a paintbrush and 6 paint color options. All you need is water to wet each color before your kids paint them. And when you are done, what a delicious dessert. The cookie was actually really good.

They are available for every season and occasion. Check back in November because I hope to try and make this cookie for Christmas and freeze it. Wish me luck.

Spider Web Art

I started looking for a spiderweb art project on Pinterest and found this watercolor spiderweb by Primarily speaking.

My daughter began the watercolor by drawing the spiderweb with a black sharpie. I helped draw for my youngest daughter with this portion of the project.

My littlest loved to mix up the colors of the paint then pour the water on the paper. At one point I had to pat the watercolor paper to remove the puddle forming on the page. I was surprised how much color was removed with the paper towel but my daughter was happy to paint it again.

My oldest made a rainbow with her spiderweb. She loves rainbows. I’m not sure why she went back to the drawing and made the black lines bolder in some areas but I’m happy she personalized the painting.


  • watercolor paper
  • black Sharpies
  • watercolors and paintbrushes

Pumpkin Race

It’s the Great Pumpkin Race Charlie Brown style!!! Snohomish School District students from 1st to 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in this fun and quick race.

Each kid gets a ribbon, cookie and Gatorade. Everyone has to register the week before at their local school and each grade runs a different distance.

  • 1st grade – 800 meters (2 laps)
  • 2nd grade – 800 meters
  • 3rd grade – 1200 meters (3 laps)
  • 4th grade – 1200 meters
  • 5th grade – 1600 meters (4 laps)
  • 6th grade – 1600 meters

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the race get a pumpkin. What fun!! I look forward to seeing my kiddo run it next year and beyond!

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