Pumpkin Carving

Silly, happy, mad or sad are all options for your pumpkin’s face. It seems like a lesson for a toddler about identifying feelings. Proud to be Primary has a great article about teaching emotions. It goes on to say by teaching your kids to identify emotions help them to learn that feeling silly, happy, mad or sad are normal part of the day and by giving them the words to express each emotion they will express themself productively.

So that brings us back to pumpkin cravings. What face expression will you pick? We started by drawing some ideas for faces. If you are interested in following a template, the farm girl gabs has over 60 Disney themed templates for pumpkin cravings.

Then we transferred the drawing to the face on the pumpkin then my husband used his nifty tool to cut the shapes. This Oscillating Multi-Tool is a quick and easy way to cut out your face with accuracy.

Here is the face.

While my husband cut out the face, my kiddos decorated smaller pumpkins with a sticker design that I got from the dollar store. Great way to keep the kids away from the power tools.

Spooktacular Halloween Party

We went to a farm this afternoon that was celebrating Halloween with crafts, games and pony rides called In Stride Equestrian Park. My daughters love ponies thus we spent most of our time in the pony ride line.

Did you know? The difference between a pony and horse is height. Horse are taller than 4foot 10 inches tall and ponies less than. Also, they have different bone structures, muscles and overall body proportions.

Once we rode the ponies at least 3 times each, we moved on to visit the other animals and participate in some of the games. The farm had pigs they could feed and a large rabbit that my youngest daughter would not leave until she got to see up close.

Both the kids got their face painted too. I was surprised how still my youngest held her head. She was very determined to have a cute pink pony painted on her face. My oldest daughter had flowers painted on her cheek.

The games offered were cake walk (like musical chairs but you walk on numbers while the music plays then stop and win a different treat based on the number you are on) and pumpkin toss into different tubs. What was wonderful about the party is that everyone was winning prizes.

If you are looking for more Halloween themed games for kids, check out LollyJane. They have a list of 17 different fun game ideas. ‘Pin the spider on the web’ is my favorite on the list.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun. My kiddos loved finding the different autumn items on the list. I found a easy list for toddlers with pictures and things you can find in almost every area. This list is by Chalkboard to Stroller.

Autumn walks are so beautiful. We love looking at all the different colors and running through the leaves on the ground. Sometimes we stand under a tree and I shake the leaves onto us.

I recommend printing the scavenger list in color for little kids since they can’t read the words.

Spider Web Art

I started looking for a spiderweb art project on Pinterest and found this watercolor spiderweb by Primarily speaking.

My daughter began the watercolor by drawing the spiderweb with a black sharpie. I helped draw for my youngest daughter with this portion of the project.

My littlest loved to mix up the colors of the paint then pour the water on the paper. At one point I had to pat the watercolor paper to remove the puddle forming on the page. I was surprised how much color was removed with the paper towel but my daughter was happy to paint it again.

My oldest made a rainbow with her spiderweb. She loves rainbows. I’m not sure why she went back to the drawing and made the black lines bolder in some areas but I’m happy she personalized the painting.


  • watercolor paper
  • black Sharpies
  • watercolors and paintbrushes

Salt Crystal Leaves

I apologize for being a day behind. Yesterday was my grandma’s funeral and I was a little distracted. But I’m feeling better today. Rejoicing in her life and spending time with my kiddos.

My daughters and I were all about crafts and experiments today. One fun and beautiful experiment is salt crystal leaves. You do not have to collect leaves for this project as I once thought you did with the word ‘leaves’ in the title.

We started by finding a large leaf outside to trace but it ends up being a ruff outline because the leaf is too soft to run a pencil next to. Then we cut out the leaf but you can really cut out any shape. The final product is so pretty that this would be an excellent opportunity to cut out a heart too.

While cutting out the paper, add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of salt then bring the mixture to a boil.

Did you know? The usual boiling point of water is 100°C or 212° F. The more salt added to water, the more you raise the boiling point.

Taking a picture of clear salt in clear water is hard so I skipped it and here we are pouring the boiling saltwater onto the paper leaves. I added too much water to my pan of leaves so now I recommend just adding enough that the paper is covered.

Lastly we waited for the water to evaporate. I accidentally poured some saltwater onto the craft paper. The spot ended up so glittery. I wish I could get a good picture of it.

Check back tomorrow for a final project picture.

Little Bins for Little Hands blog has some other great tips for this project, checking it out.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

As mentioned in my original calendar post, you know it is fall when pumpkin spice lattes are available. But there are so many fall flavors.

What is your favorite?

The pumpkin latte was good but I’m still a fan of my soy latte. Pretty basic but I love it.

Living in the Seattle area, I grew up on coffee especially since my dad work for Starbucks until I was in college.

So I was reminiscing of drinking coffee in high school and working for a coffee shop too. I remembering hearing about Latte competitions so I googled it. There are so many latte art competitions now. I recommend taking a look at US Coffee Competitions, they have some beautiful lattes.

But of does this relate to kids. Well, I started looking for kid beverage competitions and could not find one. However, stumbled upon this website that lists all the cooking competitions for kids, ContestCook. Awesome resource.

I just learned that you should give each of your children 15 minutes of uninterrupted attention a day to prevent them from misbehaving. I think when it comes down to it. Just going to a coffee shop, sitting in the comfy chairs and hanging out with my kiddos is what I want to do most of all.

Apple Picking

Check out Baileys Farm in Snohomish Valley for apple picking. Their apples are so good that they sell out in a day. (At least they did last year.)

Red Jonagold apples open for u-pick this weekend (October 6th and 7th)! Open 10:00-5:00. The trees are short enough that it is easy for kids to pick too.

Did you know? Jonagold is high quality American apple, developed in the 1940s. It is a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious as the name suggests.

I believe this is the first year you can harvest this orchard but ask Bailey’s Farm to verify.

Great Excursion on a cold, sunny day.

Leaf Hunt Excursion

Today we are going on a Leaf Hunt. A great way to start the activity is by reading the book “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger. This book is about three friends who collect leaves of all kinds and colors. They go over the hill and through the woods.

With easy rhymes and fun sounds, my kids loved this delightful autumn story.

If you would like to see a full list of fun fall themed books for kids, check out my earlier post of autumn booklist.

We began the walk by looking for different types of leaves. An easy lesson for the kiddos is to point out the deciduous vs evergreen trees.

ThoughtCo has a great printable leaf shape guide that I recommend. Check it out here.

My littlest daughter did not stay to look for leaves. She was off to the playground. Do you see her in the background?

Did you know? This shape of leaf is called lobed. Deeply Intented Margins.

Art – Decorating for Halloween

Being the first day of October, it is a great day to decorate for Halloween or the fall. We normally decorate our front door with festive wreaths but the wreath varies from year to year. This year we added 2 large spider web wreaths to the front doors.

To continue the spider theme, we added some glittery spiders to the bushes too.

Lastly, we have a tradition of putting out this old scarecrow. We love him because he has been in our family for years.

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