Ceramic Easter Eggs as Kids Craft

As an Easter tradition, we go to the ceramic painting studio and each kiddo paints their Easter egg to add to our collection on the dining room table. I love reminiscing about their techniques and color choices. As a baby, my kiddos did handprints on the eggs.

Color Me Mine

What an interesting name? I love them because the paint is non toxic and washes off clothes. Every Tuesday is 2 for 1 studio fee or Wednesday is 1/2 price studio fee for kids.

This year my oldest daughter is interested in having everything Easter color theme. If you can see her fingernails in the picture, they are a rainbow of bright pastel colors inspired by Easter and her egg matches.

My youngest daughter chose banana yellow, charcoal and pink. Very interesting but I think it will be beautiful. Great color combo for a sitting or living room.

Did you know? If you read in a yellow room, you hold your focus and absorb more of the book. Interested in the other colors, learn more at Kaplanco.com.

Sorry off topic… we can pick them up after Friday at 6pm. So excited to see their cute creations. Happy Wednesday!!

Girl Scout Thank You Postcards

Girl Scout cookie sales are almost done. One more day. As we come to a close, I want my daughter to send her customers a thank you note so they know how appreciative we are for their support. We made postcards from the empty cookie boxes that are littering our house.

Postcard Craft

So a postcard can be cut from every cookie box except Toffee-tastic. That box is too small. Since we already have the boxes to make the postcards, we just have to pay for postcard postage which is cheaper than regular mail at 35 cents. For more info, check out usps.com.

Postcard size:

Min: 5” x 3.5”

Max: 6” x 4.25”

If you don’t have cookie boxes, here is a link to a free Girl Scouts printable thank note.

This could be a great project for the Clover or Gloria Badge. Happy last day of cookie sales!!

Art – Card Making


The activity we have in store for today is card making with some of the pressed flowers from yesterday’s 4H challenge activity. If you didn’t catch the pressed flowers activity, check it out here.

Day 9 4H challenge is making and deliver cheery card to senior citizens in the area (if the missed the challenge and want to learn more, see my earlier post, 4H Challenge, here).

The Activity

The finished card has a pressed flower heart with the phrase ‘thinking of you’ below it on a thick paper card.

We started by gluing 2 pieces of paper together to make a strong background for the heart. The dark brown paper complements the white paper making this area stand out on the card.

My daughter outlined a heart on the white paper as a template then added glue within the heart area followed by laying the hydrangea petals to form a heart.

Lastly, my daughter stamps below the heart ‘thinking of you’ in a metallic purple ink before gluing the heart paper to a pre-folded card.

Finished Project

After the cards were made, we contacted our church for a list of senior citizen members that are home abound due to being unable to leave their home without assistance. My MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group has sent them cards in the past and they truly enjoyed receiving the little note informing them that someone is thinking of them.

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