Fish Activity 1 – Rainbow Fish Coffee Filter

Day Fish; Have you read the book the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. The original book has a wonderful story about sharing and the pictures in the book are so beautiful and sparkly.

I came across an activity on that used coffee filters as paper to paint the beautiful colors of the rainbow fish so I adapted that idea for an art project for my kids.

First they would trace and cut the fish out of a white coffee filters then paint it with watercolor. Here is a free download to trace and cut out this fish shape. Make sure they get the paper really wet so it doesn’t rip.

While the fish is still wet, glue a large triangle onto a blue piece of paper. (Don’t glue the fish. It will rip.) Once the fish is on the paper, add a little more glue under the fins.

Then rip up small pieces of aluminum foil into strips or half circles to look like shimmery scales. Now that the fish is reinforced with the strength of the blue paper. Kids can glue the fish or foil. The more they touch the foil, the more wrinkles it has but that it fine.

It adds character- me

Lastly, add hole reinforcement labels to look like bubbles. My oldest made the bubbles into circles and it reminded me of the bubble nets made by humpback whales in the Octonaut Episode with the Humpback Whale (Season 3 Episode 5).


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