Ceramic Easter Eggs as Kids Craft

As an Easter tradition, we go to the ceramic painting studio and each kiddo paints their Easter egg to add to our collection on the dining room table. I love reminiscing about their techniques and color choices. As a baby, my kiddos did handprints on the eggs.

Color Me Mine

What an interesting name? I love them because the paint is non toxic and washes off clothes. Every Tuesday is 2 for 1 studio fee or Wednesday is 1/2 price studio fee for kids.

This year my oldest daughter is interested in having everything Easter color theme. If you can see her fingernails in the picture, they are a rainbow of bright pastel colors inspired by Easter and her egg matches.

My youngest daughter chose banana yellow, charcoal and pink. Very interesting but I think it will be beautiful. Great color combo for a sitting or living room.

Did you know? If you read in a yellow room, you hold your focus and absorb more of the book. Interested in the other colors, learn more at Kaplanco.com.

Sorry off topic… we can pick them up after Friday at 6pm. So excited to see their cute creations. Happy Wednesday!!

Art on an Easel

Happy Monday Everyone!! Today I sit back and drink a cup of coffee while I watch my kiddos draw on an easel. Such a peaceful morning on this non-school day. Yeah!!

Chalk vs Dry Erase Markers

As the teacher get the mid-year report cards ready, my kids sit quietly drawing. Discovery 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel is wonderful. So grateful that my sister-in-law got this easel for the girls’ Christmas present.

The kit includes:

3-in-1 Easel

Paper roll

Oversized Clip

Dry Eraser

My SIL kindly included chalk and markers with her gift. I would highly recommend that if you are thinking about getting this pretty cool gift. You’ll need to pick up some drawing supplies like chalk and erasable markers.

The easel box clearly says for kids 3 years and older but my toddler can safely use the drawing surfaces too. There isn’t any small pieces and the easel is pretty sturdy. Thus my toddler can push pretty hard and it doesn’t move.

Here is my 5 year old’s drawing titled A Flower Growing On Top Of A Mountain. I love the happy face on the sun. Happy child equals happy life.

Watercolor Cookie

The cookie watercolor painting is a great evening activity for kids. It is entertaining and easy plus you get a treat at the end. What could be better.

It took me a while to find a tutorial on how to create this ‘paint– cookie’ but YouTube did not let me down. Montreal Confections has a great step by step video of how to make a cookie like this.

But if you are looking for completed cookies to enjoy for a birthday party or gathering, Cookies by April sells these cute and artistic desserts.

Each cookie comes with a paintbrush and 6 paint color options. All you need is water to wet each color before your kids paint them. And when you are done, what a delicious dessert. The cookie was actually really good.

They are available for every season and occasion. Check back in November because I hope to try and make this cookie for Christmas and freeze it. Wish me luck.

Spider Web Art

I started looking for a spiderweb art project on Pinterest and found this watercolor spiderweb by Primarily speaking.

My daughter began the watercolor by drawing the spiderweb with a black sharpie. I helped draw for my youngest daughter with this portion of the project.

My littlest loved to mix up the colors of the paint then pour the water on the paper. At one point I had to pat the watercolor paper to remove the puddle forming on the page. I was surprised how much color was removed with the paper towel but my daughter was happy to paint it again.

My oldest made a rainbow with her spiderweb. She loves rainbows. I’m not sure why she went back to the drawing and made the black lines bolder in some areas but I’m happy she personalized the painting.


  • watercolor paper
  • black Sharpies
  • watercolors and paintbrushes

Thank You Notes

Tiny Prints and Chick Fila teamed up to make these adorable lunch notes as part of the kids meal treat. Each thick card has an encouraging friendship quote for kiddos to give to their friends and family. The cards are in closed in a metal tin.

This is actually a prefect treat for this time of year because I can’t tell you how surprised I was to find out how many parents still give kindergarteners lunch notes everyday for school. My husband and I wrote our daughter a note the first day of school then she informed us the second week that kids are still getting notes and she doesn’t know why she isn’t. Parent pressure. I guess.

Though I have to say these notecards are more for kids to give to their friends than family members with sayings like “our friendship is as deep as the ocean .” Still heart warming.

How do you get kids to show their gratitude? Well, after reading the article “10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid” By Homa Tavangar most of the ways come down to modeling the kind, thankful behavior.

But if you are looking for a thank you note to give to a friend or family. Do you remember the pressed flower activity? Click here.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right words to express that I care so I google it and do you know who has some great phrases to get you started while none other than Hallmark. Check it out here. I know this is cheesy but I like “my heart is still smiling.” It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Spooky Craft

Today we went to Ben Franklin in Monroe, WA for a birthday party. The store has party rooms upstairs that fit about 25 kids and has many projects available. The birthday girl chose these spooky eyeball candlesticks. The supplies are available at the store for additional purchase.

Each kid started by picking out their style of candlestick and eyeball color.

Included in the room rental, the child gets to choose paint of any color.

Then they paint their candlestick before gluing the eyeball on top.

Supply List

  • Candlestick
  • White ball ornament with black dots and crazy red lines.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Gorilla glue or similar

Art – Leaf Rubbings

Leaf rubbing definitely takes some skill. I didn’t think so at first but to clearly see the leaves on the paper one must be sure to use the side of the crayon. Otherwise you will be unable to see the leaves.

See the image below. My daughter began by using the tip of the crayon and those areas look just like lines.

The best part of this activity is collecting the leaves and laying them on to the page. My daughter loved to lay the leaves in different patterns.

FirstPalette has a great step by step guide to make beautiful leaf rubbing art. After reviewing this tutorial, I think we would be more successful if we had larger leaves.

What do you think?

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