Summer $1 Movies

I’ve been doing a lot of summer planning lately. One summer activity I love is taking my kids to the $1 movies at Regal Movie Theater called The Summer Movie Express. A prefect activity during those hot days that are too hot to be inside or outside. So an air conditioned movie theater is perfect and for just one dollar you can’t beat the price.

The Schedule

Each week during the summer, Regal offers 2 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 am for just a dollar. Both movies plays both days. Here is the week by week break down* and Common Sense Media’s age ratings for each movie. If you want more information about the movie, click on the title and check out Common Sense Media’s website.

Week 1: June 25 and 26

  • Week 2: July 2 and 3
  • Week 3: July 9 and 10
  • Week 4: July 16 and 17

    Week 5: July 23 and 24

    Week 6: July 30 and 31

    Week 7: August 6 and 7

    Week 8: August 13 and 14

  • Week 9: August 20 and 21
  • Week 10: August 27 and 28
  • Week 11: September 3 and 4
  • * Movies dates are based in the Seattle area Regal Movie Theater for the summer of 2019.


    In the past my kiddos love the movies with lots of singing like Sing or Trolls so those are two movies I am looking forward to seeing this summer with my kiddos. They stand at their seats and sing along to the movie with the other kids in the theater. Such a great time!

    Beware some of the movies sell out so go early.

    Acting Class Review

    In the spring, my daughter has acting class. My hope is that the class encourages her self confidence and to speak her mind even if she feels silly. Also, improving her problem solving and creativity skills along the way. Maybe she will become a great leader one day.

    Magical Door

    This is the first time both my girls took the same class. My oldest daughter has taken classes at Seattle Children’s Theater and Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts.

    There are similarities and differences between the two classes but she had fun at both locations which is the most important thing.


    • Both locations exercise my daughter’s imagination.
    • The Magical Door is the last activity at both schools (Pictured above at Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts).
    • Expanding their vocabulary with Theater terms.


      Seattle Children Theatre has different classes for specific age groups.
      Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts has a age range, preschool 2-5 years old then 5-8 years old and so on.
      I love the Storytime Drama class at SCT. Kids read a story then act it out. They also color in each class.
      At Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts, teaches different dancing techniques and terms.

    Both great schools for different reasons just depends on what you are looking for.

    (Magic Door at Seattle Children Theater.)

    Weekend in Cle Elum, Washington

    Hello. My family was fortunate to go to Suncadia in Cle Elum, Washington over this midwinter break from school. This is my fourth trip enjoying this large resort that includes indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, wild life encounters and trails for every age. Here is my detailed review of this beautiful resort.

    4 Out Of 5 Stars

    Suncadia has some of the best views as you walk through the lodge. This resort has an Inn as well as a Lodge. We stay at the Lodge that over looks the valley. Here are some positive points about our trip.

    Customer Service

    The staff is kind and helpful in every area of the resort from front desk to the restaurant staff. We were very pleased with their help.


    Relaxing in the bedroom while the kids and husband make a snowman.

    The bedrooms have a cozy fireplace, comfy beds and clean bathrooms. Just big enough for my family of four to play. The room we stayed in had a small kitchenette that included a cooktop and fridge. It was stocked with plates, cups and utensils for four. There was a k-cup coffee machine with coffee and creamer (my life support). Plus a toaster which we used for waffles in the morning.

    A huge plus for me is their 100% cotton bedding and towels for my daughter who has eczema. I didn’t have to worry about them making her itchy.

    Restaurant (Portals)

    Beautiful views from every seat in the restaurant overlooking the ridge. The food is high quality and fancy and I was loving it. My kids had tater tots and chicken strips with ranch or ketchup (no bbq; just a heads up).


    The pool isn’t connected to the hotel. Though includes a indoor and outdoor pool with 2 water slides (outdoor pool isn’t open in the winter). Kids must be 42″ tall to ride the slides and no double riders. Only single riders so my kiddos were interested in the slides. But the pool is warm and they have indoor and outside hot tubs for kids 6 and older.


    There is a kids junior club which we didn’t try this trip (I feel my kids are too young) but they had great indoor kid activities in their conference room. These activities are an additional charge. Here are some of the activities we participated in:

    Outdoor activities include:

    • Sleigh ride
    • Sledding
    • Cross country skiing
    • Skating
    • Visit the elk

    Why Suncadia lost a star?

    It all comes down to poor communication. I made an reservation for dinner and didn’t know they only have buffet right now. This is new. If I knew I was going to eat a buffet maybe I’d skip lunch.

    Another area of miscommunication is on their website. The double queen description states there is a fridge in the room. When I walked into the original room we were given, I asked the bellhop where the fridge was and he stated not all rooms have fridges. I thought weird and asked if I could get one. He said I’d have to switch rooms with the front desk. We switched rooms to a king with sofa bed to meet my needs but I felt it was a little false advertising.

    Either way, I recommend calling to make a reservation so you know exactly what you are getting. Ask lots of questions.


    We had a lot of fun and look forward to going back again soon. I recommend to my friends, family and readers a trip to this growing resort on a ridge in the middle of the forest. Wishing you the best on your next family adventure!!

    14 Heart Day Movies and Shows For The Whole Family

    Happy Belated Valentines Day! Here are 14 kids tv episodes to celebrate hearts day. These shows and movies include some classics that I loved as a kid as well as some new characters that my kids love today.

    Happy Heart Day

    As I watch some of these shows, I’m surprised that many of them refer to Valentines Day as Heart Day. Maybe it is more politically correct? If you are looking for a DVD, PBS has combined 8 of the Valentines Day shows on one DVD. Click Here to check it out on Amazon.

    In addition to the shows, PBS has free printable Valentines too. Check out their VDay page here.

    If you are looking for some recent or classic ideas available on Netflix and other streaming apps, here are my recommendations:

    Tv Shows:

      True and the Rainbow Kingdom – Season 3, episode 0 – “Happy Hearts Day”
      Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Season 2, episode 14 – “It’s Love Day/Daniel’s Love Day Surprise”
      Cat In The Hat Knows All About That: Valentines Day – Available on Amazon
      Winnie the Pooh: A Valentines for You – Available on Amazon
      Word World – Season 2, Eposide 1 – “My Fuzzy Valentines”


      My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic – Season 2, episode 17 – “Heart and Hooves Day”
      The Magic School Bus – Season 4, episode 9 – “The Magic School Bus Gets Charged
      Lady and the Tramp (my childhood favorite)
      Beauty and the Beast
      Tangled (my favorite)
      The Sound of Music
      The Princess Diaries
      Madly Madagascar

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    Yoga for Kids

    While at the library, we stumbled onto this book, Good Morning Yoga by Mariam Gates. This book has beautiful illustrations by Sarah Jane Hinder. At the end, the book includes a full yoga exercise that flows from one pose to the next.

    Yoga Helps Kids Pain

    My oldest daughter complains of a sore back especially when she is having a growth spurt or playing a new sport. OrthoKids states the most common reason for back pain in children is:

    Muscular strain, injury, or overuse combined with core muscle imbalance.

    Yoga always makes me feel better so I helped my daughter with back stretches to alleviate the pain and strengthen her core. I found these adorable Disney Yoga Mats at Fred Meyers.

    Though the book is beautiful and instructional, I wanted to find something we could follow together without turning the page so I sesrched YouTube channel. I searched for Kids Yoga for Beginners and found this wonderful storytelling yoga by Saturday Morning Yoga with Jamie. The backgrounds are beautiful computer animations that go along with the story. My favorite is the episode with Popcorn the Dolphin.

    I hope to make this a part of our everyday life. Healthy Kids, Healthy Mom.

    Say CHEESE Pizza Recipe

    Today we read a wonderful book about pizza which lead to us eating pizza. It was delicious.

    So You Want To Grow A Pizza

    Piggy backing on the library trip we took earlier this week. I stumbled onto a book series titled “So You Want To Grow A…” by Bridget Heos. My toddler and I decided to take the So You Want To Grow A Pizza Book home to read. It was a delightful book with step by step instructions on how to grow a pizza or really grow the ingredients to make a pizza. It was like we were reading a cookbook which I guess you kind of are.

    While reading the book, I grew an appreciation for pizza because I learned how long it takes to grow all the ingredients needed to make a pizza. Let’s just say if I start a garden today, I’d be lucky to eat a pizza by next year 2020. The last page includes a recipe for pizza sauce which is a nice little bonus.

    Easy Pizza Recipe For Kids

    The book lead to a delicious pizza dinner which my kids made. They placed pita bread on a cook sheet then brushed both sides with olive oil. I toasted the pita bread in the oven for 1-2 minutes on both sides. I recommend toasting the pitas; otherwise, they get a little soggy.

    After removing the pita bread from the oven, my kiddos spread a thin layer of sauce onto the bread as evenly as they can. It won’t hurt to be uneven. It just cooks evenly.

    Once the sauce is spread out, let them sprinkle the cheese and add the topping. My girls like cheese pizza like most kids. While my husband and I tried a Denver omelet inspired toppings with green pepper, ham and onions.

    Bake for 5-7 minute or until cheese is melted at 425 degrees. Dinner is served… Yummy.


    • 2 cups of cheese; shredded cheddar or mozzarella
    • 2-4 Pita breads
    • 1 cup of pizza sauce
    • Toppings; pepperoni, ham, veggies, whatever you want

    Easy dinner that the kids enjoyed making and eating. Now who cleans up?

    Octopus Activity and Book

    It was octopus day at our house which was inspired by a trip to the local library. I love going to the library. You never know what you are going to find or learn.

    Eight Arms

    Today my toddler and I visited our local library and it inspired me to write this blog about octopuses. The librarian at storytelling spoke about the importance of introducing math to toddlers. Story time focused on practicing counting forward and backwards which helps build number sense and teaches children to see relationships between numbers.

    Then the librarian suggested this book, My Octopus Arms by Keith Baker, which is pictured below.

    The first page references the octopus’s 8 arms; otherwise, there isn’t any other reference to numbers. Though as we read the book, we would count the octopus’s arms on each page. Thus making the storybook a little longer (always trying to go over that 20 minute benchmark).

    Did you know that the octopus has existed longer than dinosaurs? As well as octopus have arms; not legs or tentacles.

    After we were done with the book, we created an octopus out of a paper plate and scrap paper. One of my daughters drew the face on first while the other scribbled a shape at the end. Either approach is fine.


    • Paper plates; cut in half
    • 8 strips of paper (preferably different colors and marked 1 through 8)
    • Glue
    • Markers

    Counting the arms over and over again will help my kiddos with number sequence. I’m interested to see how long it takes my toddler to destroy the octopus’s 8 arms. She is notorious for ripping up paper.

    Do you have a fun octopus craft or fact?

    Please share in the comment field below.

    My Little Pony Season 8 Review

    While watching the newest season of My Little Pony, I realize that she was getting a lesson about discrimination. Chancellor Neighsay, played by Maurice LaMarche, dislikes the new characters at the friendship school in the show because they are not ponies.

    Equality Topics

    Photo courtesy of Amazon

    Both my daughters love My Little Pony with the main message that friendship heals all wounds; I can get behind them watching the show too. Though our house is pony central. At one time, my daughter and I would line up all the mini My Little Ponies we owned and recite their names.

    Common Sense Media recommendation for My Little Pony TV Show is 5 years old or older. Though I will say this new season of My Little Pony has some content that I feel is intended for an older audience with ponies getting boyfriends/girlfriends but with the show airing for over 9 years I’m sure the producers are considering making content to suit the aging audience.

    In recent seasons, My Little Ponies has introduced new characters from different species like dragons, changlings, griffins, etc. Without going into too much detail, the last two episodes of season eight really go into the topic of discrimination. The season has a happy ending and the characters see friendship as the solution to their problem.

    In conclusion, these episodes may be a great introduction to a discussion about discrimination at home.

    Wellie Wisher Book Review

    Everyone knows reading is important but I came across some research that encourages me to read to my kids more. My biggest challenge is finding longer books that we both enjoy to reach our 20 minute goal without reading 20 books to get there. This is what I discovered…

    Reading 20 Minutes A Day

    One of my daughter’s’ Christmas gifts was a Wellie Wishers doll. In addition to the doll, she received a collection of books from her grandparents. The books are a wonderful transition from picture books to chapter books. Each story is well written with beautiful illustrations on each page. Most books contain about 5 chapters.

    My daughter and I read 1 chapter each evening but it is hard not to read the whole book. We are so eager to read the next chapter the next evening and continue the story. There are 9 books in the series.

    What I Love About The Books

    Each book has a kind, caring story about building friendship and self esteem. Plus at the end of the book, the author, Valerie Tripp, includes a number of activities that go along with the story and/or concept of the book. For example, the parent section in Willa’s Wilderness Campout suggests easy ways to have a Campout at home.

    Reading 20 minutes equals 1.8 million words a year says AA of P.

    American Association of Pediatrics research shows that children who read more than 20 minutes a day at an early age score 90% better than their peers on standardized testing by the time your child reaches the 6th grade. That is impressive. Similar to my earlier post about music lessons improve math and science, reading improves spelling and writing.

    The earlier you begin to read to your child the better. My husband and I started to read to our oldest as early as 3 months old. She loved looking at the shapes and colors on the page. My youngest daughter isn’t as interested in reading so I make silly voices that helps hold her attention.

    The age recommendations for the Wellie Wishers books are 5 years old and I would have to agree. It engages my kindergarteners with appropriate stories but my toddler isn’t ready for this series of chapter books.

    These books are available on Amazon; if you don’t live close to an American Girl Store. Happy reading.

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