Summer $1 Movies

I’ve been doing a lot of summer planning lately. One summer activity I love is taking my kids to the $1 movies at Regal Movie Theater called The Summer Movie Express. A prefect activity during those hot days that are too hot to be inside or outside. So an air conditioned movie theater is perfect and for just one dollar you can’t beat the price.

The Schedule

Each week during the summer, Regal offers 2 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 am for just a dollar. Both movies plays both days. Here is the week by week break down* and Common Sense Media’s age ratings for each movie. If you want more information about the movie, click on the title and check out Common Sense Media’s website.

Week 1: June 25 and 26

  • Week 2: July 2 and 3
  • Week 3: July 9 and 10
  • Week 4: July 16 and 17

    Week 5: July 23 and 24

    Week 6: July 30 and 31

    Week 7: August 6 and 7

    Week 8: August 13 and 14

  • Week 9: August 20 and 21
  • Week 10: August 27 and 28
  • Week 11: September 3 and 4
  • * Movies dates are based in the Seattle area Regal Movie Theater for the summer of 2019.


    In the past my kiddos love the movies with lots of singing like Sing or Trolls so those are two movies I am looking forward to seeing this summer with my kiddos. They stand at their seats and sing along to the movie with the other kids in the theater. Such a great time!

    Beware some of the movies sell out so go early.

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    1. Kids going to singing movies sounds like a blast! Good idea! When my kids were younger, we enjoyed going to the dollar movies with friends and MOMS Club. Enjoy!

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