14 Heart Day Movies and Shows For The Whole Family

Happy Belated Valentines Day! Here are 14 kids tv episodes to celebrate hearts day. These shows and movies include some classics that I loved as a kid as well as some new characters that my kids love today.

Happy Heart Day

As I watch some of these shows, I’m surprised that many of them refer to Valentines Day as Heart Day. Maybe it is more politically correct? If you are looking for a DVD, PBS has combined 8 of the Valentines Day shows on one DVD. Click Here to check it out on Amazon.

In addition to the shows, PBS has free printable Valentines too. Check out their VDay page here.

If you are looking for some recent or classic ideas available on Netflix and other streaming apps, here are my recommendations:

Tv Shows:

    True and the Rainbow Kingdom – Season 3, episode 0 – “Happy Hearts Day”
    Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Season 2, episode 14 – “It’s Love Day/Daniel’s Love Day Surprise”
    Cat In The Hat Knows All About That: Valentines Day – Available on Amazon
    Winnie the Pooh: A Valentines for You – Available on Amazon
    Word World – Season 2, Eposide 1 – “My Fuzzy Valentines”


    My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic – Season 2, episode 17 – “Heart and Hooves Day”
    The Magic School Bus – Season 4, episode 9 – “The Magic School Bus Gets Charged
    Lady and the Tramp (my childhood favorite)
    Beauty and the Beast
    Tangled (my favorite)
    The Sound of Music
    The Princess Diaries
    Madly Madagascar

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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