My Little Pony Season 8 Review

While watching the newest season of My Little Pony, I realize that she was getting a lesson about discrimination. Chancellor Neighsay, played by Maurice LaMarche, dislikes the new characters at the friendship school in the show because they are not ponies.

Equality Topics

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Both my daughters love My Little Pony with the main message that friendship heals all wounds; I can get behind them watching the show too. Though our house is pony central. At one time, my daughter and I would line up all the mini My Little Ponies we owned and recite their names.

Common Sense Media recommendation for My Little Pony TV Show is 5 years old or older. Though I will say this new season of My Little Pony has some content that I feel is intended for an older audience with ponies getting boyfriends/girlfriends but with the show airing for over 9 years I’m sure the producers are considering making content to suit the aging audience.

In recent seasons, My Little Ponies has introduced new characters from different species like dragons, changlings, griffins, etc. Without going into too much detail, the last two episodes of season eight really go into the topic of discrimination. The season has a happy ending and the characters see friendship as the solution to their problem.

In conclusion, these episodes may be a great introduction to a discussion about discrimination at home.

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