Egg-quality Experiment

Trying to explain equality to my girls is a difficult topic for them to understand. My daughter try’s to be friends with everyone. She is very outgoing so on the playground she try’s to include everyone and doesn’t discriminate based on their ethnicity. If the world could be like her, it would be a much better place.

Difference Between Brown and White Eggs

A Teeny Tiny Teacher blogger has wonderful worksheets that explains equality during a white and brown eggs experiment. Though the exterior of the eggs are different colors, the egg yolks are the same on the inside. Brown eggs have a minuscule amount of more omega-3 fatty acids otherwise there is no difference between the eggs yolks and taste.

Martin Luther King Jr Worksheet Download Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheet

Download the free worksheet here.

Did you know? All eggs are the same color inside the chicken. Eggs pick up their color from the tube (oviduct) as they leave the chicken’s body.

This lesson can turn into a little science experiment about chicken varieties. There are 3 different color of eggs. White, brown and blueish-green eggs.

  • Barred Rock Chickens have black and white feathers and they lay brown eggs.
  • Brahma Chicken have white feathers and they lay brown eggs.
  • Buff Laced Polish Chickens have light brown feathers and they lay white eggs.
  • Ameraucana Chickens have dark brown feathers and lay blue-green eggs.

Hope this lesson will help you explain or have a conversation about equality with your kids.

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