Wellie Wisher Book Review

Everyone knows reading is important but I came across some research that encourages me to read to my kids more. My biggest challenge is finding longer books that we both enjoy to reach our 20 minute goal without reading 20 books to get there. This is what I discovered…

Reading 20 Minutes A Day

One of my daughter’s’ Christmas gifts was a Wellie Wishers doll. In addition to the doll, she received a collection of books from her grandparents. The books are a wonderful transition from picture books to chapter books. Each story is well written with beautiful illustrations on each page. Most books contain about 5 chapters.

My daughter and I read 1 chapter each evening but it is hard not to read the whole book. We are so eager to read the next chapter the next evening and continue the story. There are 9 books in the series.

What I Love About The Books

Each book has a kind, caring story about building friendship and self esteem. Plus at the end of the book, the author, Valerie Tripp, includes a number of activities that go along with the story and/or concept of the book. For example, the parent section in Willa’s Wilderness Campout suggests easy ways to have a Campout at home.

Reading 20 minutes equals 1.8 million words a year says AA of P.

American Association of Pediatrics research shows that children who read more than 20 minutes a day at an early age score 90% better than their peers on standardized testing by the time your child reaches the 6th grade. That is impressive. Similar to my earlier post about music lessons improve math and science, reading improves spelling and writing.

The earlier you begin to read to your child the better. My husband and I started to read to our oldest as early as 3 months old. She loved looking at the shapes and colors on the page. My youngest daughter isn’t as interested in reading so I make silly voices that helps hold her attention.

The age recommendations for the Wellie Wishers books are 5 years old and I would have to agree. It engages my kindergarteners with appropriate stories but my toddler isn’t ready for this series of chapter books.

These books are available on Amazon; if you don’t live close to an American Girl Store. Happy reading.

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