Piano Lessons

This time of year, I reminisce about my childhood as well as plan for the year to come. A new hobby for our family is playing the piano. My kids didn’t take notice of the piano until I began to play again.

Joy of Music

I remember when I took piano lessons as a kid and my mom would take me to a strangers house for my lesson. My mom would sit there waiting as if I was giving a performance at each lesson. Then my mom reminded me to practice at home and all I wanted to do was play with my toys or friends; not practice piano, especially practice songs I didn’t even know. I feel bad for my mom. I’m sure I didn’t make it easy for her either.

I don’t remember having the most fun however I do have a strong desire to want to relearn the piano as well as teach my daughter. So as one of my New Years resolutions, I began to play the piano again. My eagerness to learn is rubbing off on my daughters. As soon as they hear the keys they come streaking over to play with me which sounds like rubbish but we are having fun. When I really want to play, I have each of us take a turn. Each person getting 3 songs to play. Even the 2 year old daughter has a turn. We are loving it.

“Research proves learning musical instruments makes kids smarter… overall better rounded people” states Math Matters 101.

Parents magazine research says there are 6 benefits for children to have music lessons.

  1. Improved academics especially in subjects of math and science.
  2. Improve physical skills in gross and fine motor skills.
  3. Cultivates social skills with speaking volume and speed.
  4. Teaches delayed gratification and patience.
  5. Boost self-esteem
  6. Understanding of our cultures.

Most studies on this subject observe 6 year olds as their test subjects. With my daughter’s 6th birthday around the corner, no better time than now to learn. Plus we were handed down a piano from a family friend whom kids have grownup. Now with the instrument, I just have to find a book we both will enjoy and is easy to understand. So I was on the lookout for a book to teach and relearn the piano. I found this book on how to play the piano at a Usborne Book Fundraiser. Also available on Amazon. The book has a built in keyboard so we can practice anywhere but I really enjoy the songs. My favorite song is swan lake. Usborne has a full series of similar books.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Instead of using the keyboard built into the book, I wanted to my daughter to play on the piano so I purchased matching sticker shapes from Amazon. Trend Enterprises Basic SuperShape Stickers match the book almost perfectly. The book is wonderful but she is playing with both hands and improving everyday. I’m very proud of her.

I hope music blesses your life like it has ours.

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