Ski Lessons

I love skiing. My parents took me when I was 3 years old and it was a big part of my life until I had kids. I tried to take my oldest daughter a couple of years ago but we just had our second daughter making it hard to leave the baby at home as well as bring a baby with us to the mountain. This year I hope that changes.

As I look into ski lessons again, I keep getting drawn to a Steven’s Pass package because they have a wonderful program that lets my daughter try skiing in a one on one teacher environment. This is the same lesson my daughter did a couple of years ago. The instructor was experienced and patient with a three year old. My husband and I could observe the lesson so we knew what was going on. Plus when she was too cold during this 90 minute experience she was able to go inside and the instructor read her a story and gave her hot cocoa (with our permission of course). What could be better. It is called the Pre-School Lesson designed for kids age 2-6. Check it out here.

This year wish me luck. I hope to be there holding her hand (or poles) as we go down the mountain. After this quick refresher course, we will be on the bunny hills together. My daughter is excited to try skiing again. Hopefully she will have the same fond childhood memories that I do when she grows up.

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