30+ Kid Resolution Ideas

Last night I was thinking about my New Years resolutions then started to think about my kids. How do I explain New Year resolutions? What are some resolutions that are appropriate for my kids?

When I looked up kids resolutions on Pinterest, I saw this questionnaire by Lauren Conrad.

  • A Bad Habit to brake
  • Destination I’d like to visit
  • I’m going to work harder at
  • Project I’d like to finish
  • Class I’d like to take
  • Spend more time doing
  • Food I want to eat more of
  • I want to wear more

So I asked my daughter these questions and this is her response:

  • A Bad Habit to brake : not using my manners
  • Destination I’d like to visit : Texas or Maine
  • I’m going to work harder at : riding my scooter
  • Project I’d like to finish : my Math Homework on the iPad
  • Class I’d like to take : Acting Class
  • Spend more time doing : hanging out with my family
  • Food I want to eat more of : chocolate ice cream
  • I want to wear more : rainbow clothes

I was surprised my daughter wants to go to Texas or Maine, I believe she picked Texas because of it’s size and she picked Maine because it is the furthest state from us. I’m mostly surprised since I gave her the option to go to Disneyland or a Horse Ranch but these other two state won her over.

I’m happy that she wants to use her manners more, work on her math homework and spend more time with her family.

While looking for other kid new year’s resolution ideas, I stumbled upon this article of 30 new year’s resolution for moms. I loved this article by The Deliberate Mom and I modified the list to work for kid resolutions. Check out the original list here.


1- Read one new book per month. This means going to the library once a month.

2- Start a journal of drawings and art projects. We collect many drawing from the kids but storing them in a notebook will help the kids reflect on their progress over the year.

3- The Deliberate Mom suggestions a resolution to ‘stop yelling’ at your kids. Most the time when I yell it is due to my kids not listening. A great resolution is to help your kids listening ability. Natural Born Mom has an easy 5 step solution to help your kids listening and understand skills. Check it out here.

4- Spend more time with your kids. This year I would love to sit or lay down with my kids and just listen to their day. I just finished an article about laying with your kids until they fall asleep isn’t the end of the world. The article really inspired me to listen to my kids more at the end of the day in hopes to build a better parent kid bond. Check out the full article here.

5- Say yes more and no less. I have learned telling my oldest daughter a straight ‘no’ answer without an explanation only causes more resentment and misunderstanding. Explaining why she can’t do something makes no’s easier to understand.


1- Drink more water every day. At my daughter’s school there is a large phrase on the wall in the cafeteria saying you only need water not juice.

2- Decrease your sugar intake. Since my daughter wants to eat more chocolate ice cream, this could be a challenge but leading by example may be a good start.

3- Include more healthy snacks in your diet.

4- Exercise daily. My daughter has running club every Wednesday at school and a fun run in the spring. Making a family goal to prepare and participate in the run together. This will achieve both my daughter’s goal to hangout with the family more my my goal to exercise.

5- Schedule time for parent-child bonding. Whether going on a dinner date or hike in the park, one on one time with each child away from technology really helps open up conversations about your child’s and your life and feelings.


1- Read for at least 20 minutes daily. My daughter’s teacher pushes parents to read to their kids at home everyday. We read daily but making it 20 minutes is hard with picture books. We just discovered the American Girl Welliewisher Books and are enjoying these chapter book with lots of pictures. A great transition to the next level of books.

2- Storytime. Amazon Alexa has a great feature that tells your kids story. The stories are intended for kids aged 5-12 though my 2 year old daughter listens sometimes too.

3- IXL math program is the program my daughter’s school uses to teach math at home. There are lots of fun math games so my daughter doesn’t realize that she is doing math homework.

4- Start and keep a journal. I touched on this above. I’ve seen some parents scan their kids projects and make a book but it is too hard for me to throw away the original for sentimental reasons.

5- Find a new class. Such as attending an acting camp at Redmond Academy of Theatre Arts.


1- Listen to the Bible daily. Amazon Alexa has a skill that you can add to your flash briefing called The Bible.

2- Pray to God daily. This is a great exercise each evening for kids before they go to bed to reflect on their day.

3- Start a thankful everyday dinner activity. The Craft Daily blog has a great printable that asks your kids what they didn’t like, liked and loved about their day. Check it out here.

4- Start a kindness chart. Every day when my kids display an act of kindness, they receive a check on a chart. Not sure what we’ll do at the end of the chart but I feel this seems to be working out better than what I have tried before. Check it out here.

5- Attend Sunday School at Church regularly.


1- Feel comfortable talking about money. Teaching by example is a great way to do this as well as letting your kids know that most things cost money.

2- Teaching savings as apart of everyday life is important skill to learn early in life. Just a penny jar and add a coin everyday. Have you seen the shadow boxes that you insert a picture of your savings goal in the back.

3- Selling is a skill. Selling lemonade at the neighborhood garage sale or Girl Scout Cookie Sales is a great skill to learn. Take a look at my daughter’s experience at her lemonade stand from last year.

4- Dedicate at least one weekend every month as a no-spend weekend. I think this is a great idea. Maybe not for kids but for everyone. I tried going a whole month without spending on the extras (hobbies, clothes, etc.) but it was hard. I imagine it was like going through detox. With Amazon Prime at my finger tips, it is so easy to order anything you think you need. If this is something you want to try, I recommend trying zero extra spending in a month with no birthdays or few holidays like March or August.

5- Home Economy. My cousin was telling me about a parenting class her husband and her attended about educating their boys about money. That every chore in the house costs or earnings money. The boys can choose to not do a chore one week but they would have to pay their parents or siblings for doing the chore for them. Nothing is free. I thought it was a great idea for teaching your kids when they get older if they don’t clean their room, they’ll have to pay someone else to do it. I haven’t gone that far with my daughter yet. Maybe when she is a teen or preteen. She and I have a clear understanding that if she doesn’t clean her room, her friends can’t play in her room. Surprising important to a 5 year old to be independent from her mom when her friends are around.


1- Declutter the playroom once a month. Between Christmas, two birthdays and other holidays, the playroom’s capacity for toys overflows too often. I’m thinking about storing half the toys in the garage then switching them every other month so the toys are fresh and new again. Plus it would be easy to have some of the toys magically be donated to the Goodwill at the same time. This idea kind of goes with number 3.

2- Cleaner and Healthier Habits. My friend just told me that each of her kids have their own hand towel and how just creating a no sharing towels rule that the spread of germ has decreased significantly at their house.

3- For every new toy that comes into your home, take at least one toy and either donated or sell it.

4- Create a place for the kids to exercise. Stretching is a goal for me this year and I hope for my kids too. Making a space we can stretch and exercise together as part of our everyday life will be a hard but beneficial goal this year.

5- Find a permanent place in the house to store and work on homework. Setting up a desk in her room or playroom with a drawer to store writing and coloring supplies.

Hope this gives you some ideas on kid’s resolution. Wishing you a happy and safe New Years Eve.

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