Merry Christmas Eve

We tucked in the kids while letting them know Santa knows when you’ve been sleeping and he knows when you are awake. Thus my 5 year old daughter goes to tell my husband that he needs to go straight to bed too. No laying around and watching tv. My husband assured her that he would go right to sleep. Believing in Santa is so magical.

Before bed, we put out the cookies on our holiday plate that we made this year at Color Me Mine. Check out my earlier post about this family tradition. My daughter included a note to Santa letting him know she was a good girl this year as well as her sister. Then we picked out an assortment of cookies from the cookie exchange. Now we are ready for Santa to come.

Today and tomorrow are great days to reflect on your holiday season and the fun tradition you created as a family. Here is a review of our holiday season.

  1. Carousel and Winterfest
  2. Teddy Bear Suite
  3. Snowflake Craft
  4. Giving Tree
  5. Cookie Exchange
  6. Holiday Pajamas
  7. Teacher Gifts
  8. Holiday Lights
  9. Holiday Movie
  10. Nutcracker Ballet
  11. Reindeer Feeding
  12. Gingerbread Houses
  13. Baking Treats
  14. Food Bank
  15. Visiting Santa
  16. Make a Plate
  17. 24 Book Advent Calendar
  18. Holiday Cards
  19. Festive of Trees
  20. Snow Day
  21. Gift Exchange
  22. Samaritan’s Purse
  23. Dickens Village
  24. Christmas Tree Decorating
  25. Tree Farm

I am looking forward to tomorrow and seeing my kids joyful faces. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I would love to hear about your holiday tradition in the comment field below.

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