Visiting Santa

As part of most family traditions, visiting Santa to tell him your kiddos’ Christmas wishes is at the top of the list.

Many of the malls have Santas to visit but that can cost almost $40 with just one photo. Having a professional take the photo can be worth it. If you are looking for the best Santa in the Seattle area, Parent Map has a great list of the 24 best Santas that is divided into each county. Swanson’s Santa is number one in the Seattle area. We have been to Swanson’s during Christmas and it is beautiful. Christmas trees, reindeer, train set in a cute little village and festive gifts, check it out at Swanson’s.

There are a few free options as well. Cabelas has a free photo with Santa in their winter wonderland. Other options include:

  • Cabelas
  • Swanson’s
  • Sky Nursery
  • Festival of Trees
  • Christmas Creek Tree Farm

I tried to explain to my youngest daughter about asking for a special toy from Santa so when Santa asked her what she wants for Christmas. She replied she wants lots of toys. Not sure she understood or if she did she is pretty smart. My oldest daughter was trying to correct her but it was pretty cute.

Good luck finding a prefect Santa to get that holiday photo.

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