Holiday Cards

My daughter got an assignment from school to bring a holiday card for everyone in class. Kids can make, buy or print the cards then address each card to everyone in class and sign their name. A great exercise to practice their writing skills.

I had 20 cards already to go for the class but when my daughter heard that she could make cards. We started our next project. 20 handmade cards.

It was a 4 step process. She used wasabi tape then glued a matte, solid background for the tree that she would be able to stamp on too. The ink didn’t show up on the metallic hearts. Once the background was attached, she punched out the tree and glued it to the top half of the brown square. Lastly, she stamped the words below the tree. I had a few options for her to pick from and her choice was ‘Peace and Joy.’

After they are all assembled, she began to write her message inside. I love that she make sure everyone’s is personalized even though they are all the same. Her friends who love the color pink got pink trees, etc.

Here is the final product.

After making her own cards, she helped address mine too.

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