Wrapping Presents for Gift Exchanges

It was a busy day. We wrapped presents for gift exchanges with friends. My daughter is participating in a secret sister book exchange for Girl Scouts with a $5 limit. It was really hard to find a good book for $5 but with some searching we got it.

We got out the tub of holiday wrapping paper then picked out the right print for our gift. I finished off the gift with a gold bow.

Other great gift exchange ideas are:

  • White elephant – the classic. Everyone gets a turn. You can set limits to how many times a gift can be passed as well as how many turns everyone gets. It is always more fun when there is one hot item everyone wants.
  • Secret Santa (sister) – you get a name ahead of time and get something for that specific person which can be hard if you don’t know everyone at the party. Sending out a questionnaire may be helpful for guests who don’t know each other very well.
  • Dice game – each number has a different rule. For the game rules, check out PlayPartyPlan
  • Gift Exchange Game – you print out cards with different instructions then pass the gift accordingly. Everyone pulls a card from a hat then the gift passing begins. click here for more info.
  • 20 Questions Gift Exchange – If you are looking for a way to get to know your guests better than this is the game for you. You read a question and everyone who can answer yes to the question stand up and exchange the gift with someone else who stood up. For a list of questions and rules, check out this poster with details.
  • Heads or tails coin toss – similar to the dice game. Heads you pass right and tails you pass left. Set a limit of how many turns each person gets.

Is there a different way you exchange gifts? I’d love to hear about it. Send me a message or comment below.

Wish my daughter luck. Hope she enjoys her first gift exchange. It could go well or be very disappointing. I’m nervous for her. I’ll update you next week with her reaction. Wish me luck.

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