Happy Thanksgiving!!

I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you are ready for the holiday season.

I love Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love watching the parade on tv and eating a three course meal of delicious food. Then the next day the leftovers are even better.

Today my kiddos helped me with a veggie tray in the design of a turkey. The idea came from a blog called Eating Richly. Check it out here. This is our fun creation filled with peppers, celery, carrots, snap beans and cucumber. I double plated the ranch bowl. The first plate has crushed ice to keep the ranch dip cold.

We tried to use chocolate chips as eyes but they disappeared quickly so we switched to hard candy dots. I’m so excited that my kids wanted to help today and participate in my joy of thanksgiving.

I began on Monday prepping my table and shopping for the turkey. My daughter added her personal touch with a drawing at the end of the table that everyone could see as they entered the home.

On Tuesday, we brined the turkey which is easy for the kids to help. A lot of measuring ingredients to add to a pot then bringing the pot to a boil. I swear by the pioneer woman brine recipe. Check it out here. It makes the turkey so juicy and flavorful. My mom was worried that the gravy was going to be too salty but I think was prefect.

On Wednesday, I prep all the food so I just have to stick it in the oven or crockpots on Thursday. I had 5 crockpots going today, one for the mashed potatoes (another pioneer woman recipe), sweet potatoes (2 different types), stuffing and ham (for the family members who don’t like turkey). Plus the turkey in the oven. Wake up at 7am put everything in the cooking containers. Run to the store for more butter (I always run out of butter) then sit back and watch the Macy’s day parade at 9am followed by the dog show. My kids loved the dancing and singing in the parade.

Well however you celebrated, hope you had a wonderful day!

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