Watercolor Cookie

The cookie watercolor painting is a great evening activity for kids. It is entertaining and easy plus you get a treat at the end. What could be better.

It took me a while to find a tutorial on how to create this ‘paint– cookie’ but YouTube did not let me down. Montreal Confections has a great step by step video of how to make a cookie like this.

But if you are looking for completed cookies to enjoy for a birthday party or gathering, Cookies by April sells these cute and artistic desserts.

Each cookie comes with a paintbrush and 6 paint color options. All you need is water to wet each color before your kids paint them. And when you are done, what a delicious dessert. The cookie was actually really good.

They are available for every season and occasion. Check back in November because I hope to try and make this cookie for Christmas and freeze it. Wish me luck.

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