Pumpkin Carving

Silly, happy, mad or sad are all options for your pumpkin’s face. It seems like a lesson for a toddler about identifying feelings. Proud to be Primary has a great article about teaching emotions. It goes on to say by teaching your kids to identify emotions help them to learn that feeling silly, happy, mad or sad are normal part of the day and by giving them the words to express each emotion they will express themself productively.

So that brings us back to pumpkin cravings. What face expression will you pick? We started by drawing some ideas for faces. If you are interested in following a template, the farm girl gabs has over 60 Disney themed templates for pumpkin cravings.

Then we transferred the drawing to the face on the pumpkin then my husband used his nifty tool to cut the shapes. This Oscillating Multi-Tool is a quick and easy way to cut out your face with accuracy.

Here is the face.

While my husband cut out the face, my kiddos decorated smaller pumpkins with a sticker design that I got from the dollar store. Great way to keep the kids away from the power tools.

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