Bob’s Corn Maze

Bob’s corn And pumpkin farm in Snohomish, Washington has a great program for school field trips. It is educational and fun. The class goes on a private hay ride followed by an educational lesson about what minerals the pumpkins need to be healthly and fruitful.

As part of the tour, each child gets to participate in the following:

• Kids Corn Maze

• Tractor Pulled Hayride

• Super Slide

• Corn Crib

• A Gourd and Small Pumpkin for Each Child

• One Large Class Pumpkin

• “What Veggies Eats” science on the farm class

• Access to Playground and Trike Track

Click here to learn more about their program.

After the lesson, we went to the corn maze that includes an cute story about Jack and the bean stock. We walked through the maze and found a different page of the story as we went along.

Then we went in the barn to play in the corn crib (a stall full of dried corn) and hay bails. My youngest loved watching the big kids play chase.

Lastly we stopped by the cow train and the big kids took a tour around the barns in their little cow carts. So much fun.

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