Boo Bag

Have you heard about boo bags? PicMonkey has some great printables for your boo bag. But to give you a run down.

  1. Enjoy your treats! Who doesn’t love a sweet candy or fun craft!
  2. Now that you are all sugared up. Make a similar boo bag or if you are starting on step 2. Have fun adding some toys and candy to a Halloween themed bucket or bag.
  3. Then pick your boo victim(s). Drive to their house, drop off the bag at their doorsteps, ring the bell and run away.
  4. You’ve Been Booed this is chain letter of trick-or-treating. It is optional to boo the next person but it is fun to spread the enjoy!

Here is our Boo Bag. There is some candy, coloring book, some toys and most important a ‘you’re been booed’ instructional page.

My daughters loved being booed. We still don’t know who booed us. Sometimes I want to ask all my friends and family but I have to remember it is out of the goodness of their heart. So this is my way of saying thank you. You brightened our day and your boo bag inspired us to boo other people. Hopefully we spread the love.

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