Spooktacular Halloween Party

We went to a farm this afternoon that was celebrating Halloween with crafts, games and pony rides called In Stride Equestrian Park. My daughters love ponies thus we spent most of our time in the pony ride line.

Did you know? The difference between a pony and horse is height. Horse are taller than 4foot 10 inches tall and ponies less than. Also, they have different bone structures, muscles and overall body proportions.

Once we rode the ponies at least 3 times each, we moved on to visit the other animals and participate in some of the games. The farm had pigs they could feed and a large rabbit that my youngest daughter would not leave until she got to see up close.

Both the kids got their face painted too. I was surprised how still my youngest held her head. She was very determined to have a cute pink pony painted on her face. My oldest daughter had flowers painted on her cheek.

The games offered were cake walk (like musical chairs but you walk on numbers while the music plays then stop and win a different treat based on the number you are on) and pumpkin toss into different tubs. What was wonderful about the party is that everyone was winning prizes.

If you are looking for more Halloween themed games for kids, check out LollyJane. They have a list of 17 different fun game ideas. ‘Pin the spider on the web’ is my favorite on the list.

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