Game night

Tonight we had game night at our house. My husband, daughter and I played the game of Life for the first time. We have a collectors edition which isn’t much different from the original Life game. Check out The Game of Life: Collectors Edition Tin on Amazon.

This is a great game to practice counting, addition and consequences. My daughter didn’t want to pay insurance for her home (mobile home) but still a home until her dad landed on a tile where he would have to pay $40,000 for flood damage if he didn’t have insurance. So she quickly bought some insurance too.

Besides her poor home choice, she was making the most money as a rockstar until she lost the career and turned into a well paid computer technician.

I thought for sure I had a million dollars when I got to the end but sadly only $785,000. My husband had slightly more. Though my daughter had the most cash at $1.3 million. Guess who had the best Life cards, it’s was my husband. His cards were mostly $200,000 plus. What luck.

At the end, my daughter said she never wanted to play this game again which I was surprised because it looked like she was having a good time. I will never know exactly why she didn’t like it but I enjoyed playing with them both. Even if we’ll have to find a different game next time.

Living Well Spending Less has an article about their TOP 10 FAMILY BOARD GAMES for AGES 3-8. For the list, Candyland was the only game that I recognized. I’ll need to find it and add it to our collection. Happy gaming!

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