Fall Gardening

So we went to the gardening center at our local hardware store and let my 5 year old daughter pick out 2 different spring bulbs. My husband is so proud she picked Husky colors.

After I dug a line of holes for the bulbs, my kids helped me plant the bulbs. American Meadow’s website includes instruction on how to plant bulbs in the fall as well as a beautiful picture index of spring bulbs available. Check it out

Both my kids were so excited to help so I gave each of them a different bag. My oldest planted daffodils and my youngest planted tulips. Longfield Gardens has some great hints on planting spring bulbs for maximum curb appeal. Check out their website here. One tip I liked the most was to planted bulbs with different bloom times. Another reason I’m happy my daughter picked two different types, daffodils and tulips. Daffodils will come up in early spring followed by tulips.

Lastly, we spread out some mulch with weed prevention. One thing I have not been very good at in the past is fall yard care. Fertilizing and adding weed prevention to my lawn and flowering beds. First time for everything.

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