Salt Crystal Leaves

I apologize for being a day behind. Yesterday was my grandma’s funeral and I was a little distracted. But I’m feeling better today. Rejoicing in her life and spending time with my kiddos.

My daughters and I were all about crafts and experiments today. One fun and beautiful experiment is salt crystal leaves. You do not have to collect leaves for this project as I once thought you did with the word ‘leaves’ in the title.

We started by finding a large leaf outside to trace but it ends up being a ruff outline because the leaf is too soft to run a pencil next to. Then we cut out the leaf but you can really cut out any shape. The final product is so pretty that this would be an excellent opportunity to cut out a heart too.

While cutting out the paper, add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of salt then bring the mixture to a boil.

Did you know? The usual boiling point of water is 100°C or 212° F. The more salt added to water, the more you raise the boiling point.

Taking a picture of clear salt in clear water is hard so I skipped it and here we are pouring the boiling saltwater onto the paper leaves. I added too much water to my pan of leaves so now I recommend just adding enough that the paper is covered.

Lastly we waited for the water to evaporate. I accidentally poured some saltwater onto the craft paper. The spot ended up so glittery. I wish I could get a good picture of it.

Check back tomorrow for a final project picture.

Little Bins for Little Hands blog has some other great tips for this project, checking it out.

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