Thank You Notes

Tiny Prints and Chick Fila teamed up to make these adorable lunch notes as part of the kids meal treat. Each thick card has an encouraging friendship quote for kiddos to give to their friends and family. The cards are in closed in a metal tin.

This is actually a prefect treat for this time of year because I can’t tell you how surprised I was to find out how many parents still give kindergarteners lunch notes everyday for school. My husband and I wrote our daughter a note the first day of school then she informed us the second week that kids are still getting notes and she doesn’t know why she isn’t. Parent pressure. I guess.

Though I have to say these notecards are more for kids to give to their friends than family members with sayings like “our friendship is as deep as the ocean .” Still heart warming.

How do you get kids to show their gratitude? Well, after reading the article “10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid” By Homa Tavangar most of the ways come down to modeling the kind, thankful behavior.

But if you are looking for a thank you note to give to a friend or family. Do you remember the pressed flower activity? Click here.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right words to express that I care so I google it and do you know who has some great phrases to get you started while none other than Hallmark. Check it out here. I know this is cheesy but I like “my heart is still smiling.” It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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