Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a delicious autumn themed treat.

If you look on Pinterest to get caramel apple ideas, you may be surprised or impressed by all the different caramel apple styles and flavors. The idea that I was stunned by was these caramel apple look a like cookies by Wilton. The adorable leaf shapes cut out of the middle and filled with caramel. Then the outside is rolled in sprinkles or chocolate. Amazing!!

So my caramel apple was not that fancy but we tried something new. My daughter unwrapped each caramel while I split and hollowed out the apple with a melon scooper.

Now my daughter loves red apples; lives by them. Though I have it say a tart Granny Smith apple is so good with sweet caramel.

Did you know? The Granny Smith originated in Australia in 1868. It was named after Maria Ann (Granny) Smith, who captivated this apple breed.

After the apples are hollowed out and caramels are melted, we combined them. We rested the apples in a muffin tin so they did not run away from us. (My daughter took the picture below. Proud mama moment.) It took about 15 minutes to cool and harden thus ready to eat. So good!! Yummy!

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