Leaf Hunt Excursion

Today we are going on a Leaf Hunt. A great way to start the activity is by reading the book “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger. This book is about three friends who collect leaves of all kinds and colors. They go over the hill and through the woods.

With easy rhymes and fun sounds, my kids loved this delightful autumn story.

If you would like to see a full list of fun fall themed books for kids, check out my earlier post of autumn booklist.

We began the walk by looking for different types of leaves. An easy lesson for the kiddos is to point out the deciduous vs evergreen trees.

ThoughtCo has a great printable leaf shape guide that I recommend. Check it out here.

My littlest daughter did not stay to look for leaves. She was off to the playground. Do you see her in the background?

Did you know? This shape of leaf is called lobed. Deeply Intented Margins.

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