Engineering- Robot Hand


4H Challenge is to build a robotic hand. I found this great example while on Pinterest. Check it out here.

Just one more day to enter into the 4H photo contest. I just checked the number of entries and there are over 1.1 million. Crazy but happy for the interest of getting kids ‘inspired to do.’

The Activity

Today we traced my daughter’s hand to try and make a robotic hand.

Once her hand was traced, we cut it out then proceeded to bend the paper hand at the same location of her finger joints.

Next, we cut and taped small pieces of straw about the same length of her hand bones.

Did you know? Your hand has 27 bones, 14 of which are the phalanges (small bones) of the fingers and thumb.

After adhering the small straws to the paper hand, I helped her thread the straws with different colors of thread. The different colors will help us figure out which digit we are going to move without having to try them all.

Last, we taped the ends of the thread to the paper finger tips and the paper hand to the table. This way the hand doesn’t move when we pull the strings.


  • 5 different colors of thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Thick paper like cardstock
  • 5 straws

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