Art – Crayon Candles


The 27th daily challenge of the 4H photo contest is making crayon candles. Which we are excited to try. I did not purchase wicks so we will try and make those too. Click here for more info about the contest.

The Activity

How to make a wick? Interesting question and after doing some research, I’m surprised how long it takes to make a wick. Some websites say 12 hours. Not time that I have but I found a blogger whom uses a popsicle stick to make a wick. Very interesting. Let’s see if it works.

First, we need to eat a popsicle. Yum!!

Look at the mean mug from my almost 2 year old. Once the treat was eaten, we made a metal base out of paper clips by folding up one end.

Then we began a process of removing the crayons’ wrappers.

While unwrapping the crayons, we boiled water in a pot. Just enough water to cover the full jar except about an inch of the top of the old jelly jars. Lastly, we filled the jars with crayons and bits of old wax from other candles.

It takes about 30 minutes to melt the wax.

Did you know? Wax’s boiling point is >370 °C (698 °F).

Then I removed the jar with canning tongs.

The final product. Let’s see if we can light it tomorrow. Check back.

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