Art and the Park


Today’s 4h challenge is go to the park and draw the view. Since the park is now clean from the previous challenge, now we can enjoy it. It wasn’t hard to clean since the park was pretty clean already.

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The Activity

As you can see below, my girls had no problem playing after cleaning the park yesterday.

Though the view from the park is pretty but not as pretty as one of Claude Monet’s landscape paintings. Scholastic has a great book series about different historic artists that includes maps of where they live, cartoons of the time period and examples of the artists work.

This inspired me to pick a Monet landscape painting that we mimicked. I watched a few YouTube videos to get inspired. Check out one of my favorites here.

We set up a couple easels made of cardboard and painters tape then leaned the canvas against the board. I place the primary colors, red, blue and yellow, plus black and white on a plate so my kiddos could learn how to make the secondary colors, purple, green and orange.

We started with a green background by mixing blue and yellow together then added more yellow to make the foreground.

Then we used blue and white paint for the clouds and sky.

Lastly, we used the end of a straw to dot the poppies in the foreground. Finished…

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