Pick Up Trash


Daily challenge number 24 is to pick up trash in our park. I’m feeling so excited that I’ve been able to commit to blogging this much. I have to thank 4H for inspiring me to do a variety of activities this month of September.

If you missed the 4H photo contest challenge, check out my earlier post that includes a link to each post as well as more information about the $10,000 scholarship offered by 4H.

The Activity

I started this post about my excitement. Which I think is fitting since I’m not super excited to pick up trash. The potential germs my kids are touching is too much for me. Thus I brought gloves for everyone even my almost 2 year old. Even though she didn’t wear them.

There was some foam in the sand pit and my kids were happy to dig it up and the 10 cups of sand beneath it.

Below is an picture of all the trash at the park. We are so lucky to live in a clean neighborhood. I’m sure there is a good neighbor whom goes around and picks up trash.

So check out tomorrow’s post. After cleaning up the park, we enjoyed it by playing and drawing.

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