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4H is inspiring people all over the United States to join the 30 day photo contest “inspire to do.” Last time I looked, there was over 600,000 participants. Hopefully everyone’s grateful for this contest because it has inspired them to do something… amazing?!?

Which brings me to today’s challenge, start a gratitude journal. For those of you like myself who don’t know what a gratitude journal is, basically it is a log of everything you are grateful for from the day.

Have you heard of the high and low for dinner?

Everyone goes around the table saying the best and worst thing about the day. Gratitude journal is similar. You just write it down.

The Activity

Those of you who have been following me, you have probably noticed I have a 5 year old daughter that just started kindergarten two weeks ago. Many parents warned me about the tired and grumpiness that follows a day at school. So I thought I was prepared but how do you prepare for a grumpy Gus?

When I saw today’s challenge I thought I’d ask her what she is grateful for. She said nothing, so sad. Well, I made a little reminder that she has things to be (at least) thankful for.

Each cup has a little toy or candy. She will receive a ‘prize’ when I see a positive attitude, act of kindness or thoughtfulness that I am grateful for. Hopefully, my gratefulness will inspire her to be grateful too but we’ll see.

I covered each cup with a small square of tissue paper by hot gluing the rim of the cup to adhere the tissue.

There are 24 cups to make the heart shape. Maybe in 24 days the atmosphere in my house will change to a grateful one. Wish me luck.

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