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Today’s 4h challenge is to help a senior citizen with technology or household chores. A couple of senior citizens that we help often are my parents and in laws (but to be honest; they help us out a lot too). With Grandparents Day earlier this month, let’s think of some activities to celebrate them.

Did you know? Grandparents Day is September 9th and has been around since 1978.

The Activity

Hangout with the Grandparents is awesome in my book. They have a total different perspective then we (the parents) do. My favorite activity that my kids and their grandparents do together is just going for a walk. Grandparents point out so many different things than I do and usually bring home treasures like pine cones and leaves or sand cause they have been digging in the dirt.

Other activities I love:

Nothing is better than grandma or grandpa reading the little ones a book.

Or going on an ice cream date.

HuffPost has a list of the 101 prefect activities with your grandparents. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Build a marble run.
  • Make pay doh.
  • Create a musical instrument like a pan flute out of straws.
  • Do a magic show with sucking an egg into a bottle using air pressure.
  • Conduct an egg drop experiment.
  • Create a fairy garden.
  • Interview each other and share with the family.
  • Construct paper hats.
  • Become a mummy with toilet paper.
  • Create a new recipe for a smoothie.
  • Play card or board games together.
  • Go out for a coffee and coco date.
  • Paint rock monsters.

Though back to the challenge, my kiddos help my parents with our Apple TV. The remote with the touch surface can be tricky if you don’t use it frequently. Usually my oldest is the navigator of the tv to help her grandparents but also be in control. I understand… Who doesn’t want to be in control of the remote.

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