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Today’s 4H challenge is volunteering at a local dog shelter. I’ve looked into kid volunteering at our local pet shelter, Paws located in Lynnwood, WA. This shelter requires volunteers to be at least 18 years or older to work with or around animals, but there are many other ways kids can help.

The Activities

PAWS website has some great ideas how kids can volunteer their time and/or money. Here are some of the ideas:

    Host a fundraiser or gift drive for animals

PAWS is a nonprofit organization that cares for thousands of animals each year thanks to the kind donations from people just like you. Kids have the opportunity to help by organizing a Friend-raiser or having a Gift Drive to collect animal supplies! Click here to find out more.

  • Donate your (birth)day to your animal friends

Similar to a gift drive, kids can ask for donations to PAWS instead of receiving gift for their birthday.

    Bake sale fundraiser
  • Holding a bake sale or lemonade stand is a great way to raise money for the animals. Check out our lemonade stand event here.
    • Host a movie night or dinner datefor animals

    Another way to raise money is to invite friends and family over to dinner and/or a movie with an “admission fee” to be donated to PAWS.

    • Participate in PAWSwalk

    PAWS’ biggest fundraiser is their PAWSwalk which raises thousands of dollars during the summer months. You and your furry pet (or not if you don’t own one) can ask for sponsorship and raise money from friends and family then spend the day at the park and walk your heart out. To learn more, check out the PAWSwalk website.

    • Become a foster family

    While you must be 18 or older to do hands-on volunteering at PAWS, becoming a foster family is fun for all ages!

    PAWS foster families provides a kittens, cats, puppies and dogs a temporary home. These homeless animals receive care and food from these kinds families before the animal is adopted. By providing safe temporary homes, PAWS foster families prevent overcrowding at PAWS Companion Animal Shelter, while the family and animals have lots of fun! Learn more about foster care and get started today.

    • School service credit

    Some school project can receive school service credit for helping PAWS. Please review your school requirements then simply submit a completed Youth Service Projects Form.

    Let me know if you can think of other fun activities to help an animal shelter like PAWS.

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