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4H challenge today’s challenge is to raise money and give the profits to a charity. Great experience for kids. If your little one is unable to raise money with a lemonade stand like us, 4H recommends doing a car wash but if you live in a rainy climate like us in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe car wash in September won’t workout. Surprise it didn’t rain on our lemonade stand.

The Activity

So as you can probably tell we raised money with a lemonade stand during our neighborhood’s annual fall sale.

We sold donut holes for 25cents or 5 for a dollar and lemonade 50cent a cup. I have to say my little salesperson was not afraid to ask strangers “would you like lemonade or a donut.” She would look so sad when people said no, some individuals (mostly grandparents) would just give her a quarter. If she doesn’t become a salesperson I would wonder if she missed her true calling.

A recommendation before doing a lemonade stand or any sales activity, has some great math activities. An easy activity is to practice the difference between coin values. A quarter equals 25 pennies or 2 nickels equals a dime. This was a hard concept to understand that difference in the value of a nickel versus dime because the value does not reflect their size.

Daughter – “why isn’t a nickel worth more than dime, it is bigger.”

We didn’t tackle dollars but my daughter didn’t have a lot of challenge understand the difference between a five dollar bill versus one dollar since the value is printed directly on the bill.

The Donation

We decide to give the profits to Alex Lemonade Stand. It just felt right. We know a little girl who had cancer when she was a two year old. Happy to report she is in remission but knowing her made the concept of donation for my 5 year old. Thus any support to help kids going through such a difficult time is important to me and hopefully my kids now too.

We encourage you to donate too. Check out their website here.

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