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4H’s daily challenge is accept and conquer an egg drop challenge by designing and creating a container that will prevent your egg from cracking when dropped from let’s say the second story of your house. To check out future and past challenges look at my earlier post, 4H 30 day challenge, or go to to learn about the chance to receive a $10,000 scholarship.

The Activity

Egg drop is a great activity that promotes creative thinking and problem solving. We used K’NEX to create a vessel to protect our egg. K’NEX are a great engineering educational toy. They come to tons of different kits so kids can build cars to trains to planes. Oh my.

My daughter created this rectangle container with support braces on each side then I helped her attach the egg inside with a twist tie and egg carton holder.

The Result

A broken egg. Sorry to say it didn’t serve the fall from the second story but it was great fun trying.

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