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Today is the boat race challenge for the 4H photo contest. By participating in the photo contest, you have a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. Check out all the activities here!! Download the list here.

The Activity

Since we live in Washington state, we are surrounded by ferries that will take you back and forth from the San Juan Island. The ferry rides are about a half hour one way and if you ask nicely you can go round trip. It is just long (or short) enough to be exciting versus boring.

During the ferry ride is a great time to talk about different types of boats which will aid the kiddos in designing a boat for the boat race. Once the kids are familiar with the different types of boats, this is a great time to play eye spy with boats on the water.

Book Review:

  • The Activity

    We started the project by coloring 4×4 inch pieces of paper for the sail then we lined up popsicle sticks and glue support braces.

    I recommend assembling it upside down. Let the glue dry then flip it over and glue a few popsicle sticks on the sides. Voila!!

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