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This summer we hosted a play date with sciences experiment activities and today being 4H’s day to be inspire to do chemistry; I thought I would reflect on those chemistry experiments.

As I feel I say in every post, you can find the 4H 30 day challenge in one of my earlier post about the 30 day ‘inspire to do’ activities. 4H suggests a chemistry experiment called Fizzy Foam or you can try Sour Milk below.

The Activity

As part of our Amazon STEM subscription, we received this science kit with great basic science information and tools to slightly more advance chemistry experiments.

Photo provided by Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

One fun experiment is making ‘sour milk’. When we first did the experiment, we used 1% milk causing the liquid not to separate like the picture. Thus we recommend using whole or cream.

Warning the milk smell awful when it is mixed with vinegar. The liquid begins to kirtle and you can see the chunks in it. Not very appetizing.

Did you know? When the protein in the milk meets the acid in the vinegar the liquid begins to separate. Casein is the protein in milk and cheese.

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