Chemistry- Pressing flowers


Pressing flowers is today’s 4H challenge. It specifically says to press wildflowers in a book to log and preserve them but we’ll see how it goes. For the whole list and an update on all my 4H challenges, check out my earlier post about the 30 day ‘inspire to do’ activities.

The Activity

This time of year Washington state doesn’t have many perennials still blooming. We found hydrangeas in our yard but otherwise we had some annual flowers that we just planted for the fall in bloom. Neither being ‘wildflowers ‘ but the hydrangeas in my yard are very meaningful to me being that they were in my wedding.

So we picked the hydrangeas removing as much of the stems as possible and layered them down on a paper towel. Trying to make an even layer.

Lastly we payed another paper towel on top followed by some heavy books.

Did you know? Paper is essential pressed plants together. Sort of like this project.


After a day under a book, we removed the presses flowers and leaves. Then we researched some project to use the flowers with. This is what we found:

Craft 1

We decided to place them in between 2 pieces of glass. Then using a glass permanent marker we wrote ‘love’ on top.

Craft 2

Check out this craft at my newer post – Art – Card Making.

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