Agriculture – At Bailey’s Farm

Day 3 is the 4H challenge is visiting a farm to harvest vegetables or see the animals.


For those of you just joining us. 4H has a 30 day challenge to ‘inspire kids to do’ for the month of September. Those who participate and share their experience with have the opportunity to win a scholarship of $10,000. Check it out here.

You may be thinking her daughter is only 5 years old. Yeah I agree but it is never too early to try. Plus I love these type of challenges. Feeling the nudge to do some educational activities with my kiddos. It motivates me to be a better mom. That is a win in my book. Hopefully my kid’s too.

The Activity

Near our home is the Snohomish Valley with lots of farmland. We visit many u-pick farms during the summer from strawberries to blueberries to vegetables, like corn and potatoes. It is great experience because going to the farm can potential cost you nothing. However, we never walk away without no bucket of veggies or berries.

Bailey’s Farm is my go to u-pick this summer. It is located in Snohomish and offers lots of vegetables and fruit options. Strawberries in June, raspberries in July, vegetables in August and corn in September. Oh and of course pumpkins in October.

Here we are harvesting potatoes from the ground. Fun activity to get your hands dirty.

Did you know? Potatoes are part of the nightshade family which people did not eat before the 1800s. People thought they were toxic. Now, millions of people eat potatoes everyday at McDonalds. Funny how things change due to what you know.

Everyone has their buckets ready to get the potatoes. There are red and white varieties to choose from.

The u-pick is open from 8am-6pm daily. Check out their website to see what is available for harvest now.

Once you dig up the potato plant, you just pick the potatoes from the root. Bailey’s had a washing station. I recommend washing everything and removing unwanted leaving because you pay pre pound. They are a better price than the store but not by much due to grocery stores’ sales. I will say though picking the food fresh makes to last much longer than going to the store. I’ve been storing them in a dark cool place for a couple weeks and still good.

We noticed that the white potatoes had white flowers and red potatoes had red-purplish flowers. Interesting.

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