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Day 2 – 4H Gardening


So we are on day 2 of the 30 day challenge. Today we are lucky it is a beautiful summer day and able to spend the day outdoors doing this gardening challenge. Check out the whole challenge in my earlier post, 4H 30 day challenge and learn more about the $10,000 scholarship at

The Activity

Day 2 challenge is ‘grow vegetables in an egg carton.’ Well we don’t have an egg carton available to use but lucky have something better I picked up this spring during a preschool Scholastic book event. The ‘Build Your Own Vegetable Garden’ kit. The kit includes: a clear box to plant your seeds, 2 different seeds (carrots and green beans), instructions and growth chart.

We tried the carrots earlier this summer and it didn’t go very well. Nothing to harvest. Probably our fault due to lack of watering. But we will try to again.

Thus, another great reason to brake out this kit again and try sowing green beans.

I love this kit because it includes a grow chart for both the seeds they include in the box; carrots and beans. Through I wish them included faster germinating beans/seeds.

Did you know? Mung beans and lentils are the fastest and easiest to germinate. Germination means the development of a seed or spore after dormancy.

Both kids loved this activity. Well I mean they loved playing in the dirt. My 5 year old daughter was able to understand the instructions and follow them but the 22 month old played in the dirt like it was her sandbox.

We sowed the green beans. (I love the word sowed and when do I even get to use it.)

Sow is defined as plant by scattering it on or in the earth.

The instructions states the green beans germinate in about two weeks. We will update you with progress on the soil. Guess this will determine if we or I have a green thumb. Wish me luck.


Day 10 – the bean sprouted. As you can see my daughter is so excited.


So I have to apologize I looked on Scholastic Website and wasn’t able to find to exact gardening kit that we used but I found a better one which I wish I knew about during the spring book sale. I would have purchased it instead.

Science on a Gardening Adventure by Magic School Bus

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