Ornithology – Bird Feeder Craft

Did you know? Ornithology is the study of birds. A department of zoology.

4H Project – Day 1

Today we are making bird feeders. My daughter received a bird feeder kit for her birthday in May. This 4H challenge was a prefect excuse to use it.


For those of you who didn’t see my earlier post, 4H has a September challenge with 30 days of activities. Kids who participate have a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. Isn’t that amazing. To see the list of the daily activities and my earlier post, click here.

Day 1 Activity – Bird Feeder

My niece and daughter (both over 4 years old) made bird feeders from ‘scratch’, aka not assembled. They started by painting each wood panel. Everything was included with the kit; paint, brushes, glue and even string to tie the bird feeder to a tree branch.

Blue was a popular color for everyone. Sometimes I wish the kits included twice as much blue than any other color.

Did you know? Birds can see in color and actually more colors than the human eye due to an additional color cones in their retina that are sensitive to ultraviolet range. Pretty cool.

As for my little 22 month old, I found a preassembled bird house at the dollar store which I can only find there in the spring. I recommend picking a couple up and saving the bird feeders for a rainy day.

As you can see she has picked the color blue as well. She didn’t last as long as the big kids. Mainly painted the roof then moved on but still pretty cute with the birds on the sides.

The dollar store’s bird feeder included 2 clear acrylic panels to hold in the bird seed. I recommend removing them before the paint is opened otherwise the clear panels are not so clear anymore.


Here is the final project…

The Kit:

The preassembled Bird Feeder is made by

MasterPieces Works of Ahhh Silk Screened Bird Feeder Wood Paint Kit available at Amazon.


After almost a month in the backyard, the bird seed is almost gone. Guess it is time to refill it. We are happy the birds have an extra food supply going into these cold months and the feeder is holding up to the weather conditions.

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